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Still the One (Nothing is everything #4)

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Time heals all sore as they say. It’s true. Now she no longer long for him as much as before. Time has passed as she accepted that they won’t be anything but friends. She won’t admit it, but she fell in love with him. 

He won’t say it, but he tried to make her part of his world, wooed her through his melancholic words. They both smile, they both rise and fall, but at the end of the day, they aren’t meant to be. 

He’s still broken, she still taken. She now, however, love that someone beside her more than ever. She can now tell herself that he’s nothing more than a trial. Still, her memories with with him is a locked treasure at the small corner of her heart.

He no longer hope to have her, but a few pieces of his heart has sealed, and that’s where she live.

They can now exchange sweet nothing without wishing to kiss one another, but from time to time, they look back at that frozen moment and smile thinking of each other as “still the one”

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