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Staying true even online

It’s easy to be someone else on social media. Whether that “person” is more outgoing than you are, has a different sense of humor than you do, sounds more upbeat than your real self ever does … you can be anything you want to be online.

I admit, back when I was only starting to explore the internet, back when Facebook doesn’t exist and Hi5 and myspace was dominant, I did fake a personality (name included) and what I learned is that, social media or not, it’s the same difficult to fake yourself. I soon got tired of the faking and the worse part of it is that you get emotionally exhausted. No, it’s better to stay true to yourself, that way you don’t have to think what to say or do because you’re just you…

I love winter, but I miss summer! And that slippers! 😭

This post is inspired by Maggie and the quote above was taken from her post Being Myself in a World Full of Everyone Else


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