Spring of 2020

This one was written after Mathew invited me a month ago, but I’m not the most patient person, so I decided to share it now.

Spring of 2020 is one hell of a season
Summer vibes as the sunlight shine bright
Nature blooms, inviting me
Everyone to stepped outside

Many long for the warm light
A lot wants to inhale the fresh new greens
But the threat, the fear is always there
Like shadows whispering in their ears

So the nature dance and plants blossoms
While the human withers in homes
I’ll persist and stay positive 
Soon, I’ll break down this damn chain

Read Mathew’s poem here

23 thoughts on “Spring of 2020

  1. Stay always positive dear Jess! Spring is wonderful, everything is coming back to life! Summer is beautiful too, too hot sometimes 😉
    Beautiful words! 🌸💕🤗

    1. Too hot inserts hahaha 😂
      yep, summer are usually hot so it need beach visit, beaches means I get to flaunt by belly 😂

      Love to see you can still share your thoughts here 😁

      1. Funny as always 🤪🤪
        If I think that I live in a country where’s always summer and I barely see the beach 🤪🤪
        I still manage it sometimes 🤪

  2. A postive vibe while reading this poem 😍 well done Jessica 🤗💐And as far I remember you are a Poet, Author, Reviewer, Tiktok celebrity, Super talented Mother with a beautiful son, did I miss something 🤔 It’s time for you to update your profile briefly 😁😉✨ Have a wonderful day ✨🤗💐

  3. Stay positive. That’s the only way. This too will pass. Let’s hope for better future. We too will dance amidst the green plants and trees.🤩💓💞

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