Special Sunday

Makulit is a Tagalog word for bothersome. But unlike bothersome, makulit is use with endearment for friends and family. Simon over at Penning Thoughts is that. Makulit haha 😄

I got inspired by a story he wrote and wrote my own, but he can’t seem to wait… so I’m sharing it today instead of Wednesday.

Listen to me reading it here, or scroll down to read it.


I rubbed my aching forehead and blocked the noises as I pulled the cover over my head. I guess it’s too early for five years old to completely comprehend that his mom, who always fly around the house, can get sick and need to stay in bed.

Crash, clink, clank, boom!

“Ouch!” he screamed followed by a cry.

I shot up from the bed and found the kitchen in a mess. Broken glass on the floor, mountain of casserole on the sink and something is burning. My worries was replaced with furry.

I hurried and to turn off the stove, then turn to my son. He stood on a chair with his eyes on microwave with an exploded egg. I took a deep breath. Calmed myself and observed carefully.

His hand got a burn.

I took an ice pack and asked him to come closer but he remain where he stand. He held the ladle to his chest and spoke with his head down. “Mommy, I wanted to make meals for you, but the water for the rice overflow. I want to warm the boiled eggs, but it exploded. I’m sorry.”

My eyes watered. He was trying to make a congee, a dish I served him whenever he doesn’t feel good and got no appetite.

I stepped closer and pulled him into a hug. “Thanks, my boy, I’m sure it will help me get better.” I still need to speak to him, but more than anything, I feel blessed for having him.

Thanks for reading!

Read Simon’s story here.

Story copyright © Jessica E. Larsen. All rights reserved.

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22 thoughts on “Special Sunday

  1. That was a fantastic story Jessica, such a blessing that your son wanted to help you out like that! True love being shown for his wonderful mom! Hope you’re feeling well today.😀😺🌞☕

    1. I do feel very blessed a lot. And thank you so much for the kind words Steve 🙂 I’m physically fine, but floating around mentally haha 😀 Hopefully, I’ll get to read a lot of blog soon.

      1. Yes indeed, I think perhaps having a child must be one of the greatest blessings in life.😁😸 Hey now, stop floating around, you might bump into something and hurt yourself.😳 I hope you’re having a beautiful day Jessica!😀😺🌞

        1. Thank you so much Steve! If I need a reason to smile, I can always rely on you to make it happen haha 😀 Thank you! 🤗

          1. You think? You aren’t sure? 😕 😄
            Hey, Muffin, love how you said whole wide Spain, haha so unique. 😘

          2. It’s hard to tell sometimes, that’s the crazy part of me!🤪😂
            Meow, meow.=Yay! You so nice! Oh, oh, my human forget to bring in bird feeders again, now he need to go out in dark, I watch to make sure he not eaten by bear.🙀🐻 Happy daynight!😹😸😻

  2. What a beautiful and kind soul! 💕
    Two lovely stories but I will be honest, this picture speaks for all the love and kindness that a young soul can have! He’s too cute for words! 😍

    1. Thanks Ribby ❤️
      Yes, he love helping out. Although he reprimanded me after discovering me taking photos of him 😄

  3. So sweet of you to mention me and link my post too😍🥰 You are always so kind 😍 A mom’s heart is always a Mom’s heart. I didnt read your story, but watched your story, as you read, I imagined the entire scene and it’s soooo touching 🥺 such a sweet kid, so innocent 😍 Loved reading, hearing, watching, imagining 😍😍. You are an amazing story teller ✨ 😍 it doesn’t look like a first time readin… 🥰 I could hear this all day… ✨☺️ Thanks for posting it early for me🤗. An amazing writing✨✍️ Have a lovely Sunday Jessica✨💐🎉

    1. I’m absolutely lose for words. I really appreciate your kind words. It made my day. Thank you.
      I hope you have a sweet and fun Sunday 🌼🌻

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