Someone else Flower (Nothing is everything #3)

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For a broken man who know nothing but darkness, she was like the light that shine on me. Her enchanting smile captivated me from the first moment. I joke about her blinding beauty and she warmly throws it back to me. She makes my everyday colorful, but it was soon revealed that I can never have her. She was a flower in someone else’s garden, someone I can only admire outside the fence.

There are occasions when temptation was strong. I’d say words with hidden meaning that I know only she will understand and she will gladly replied it equally. I want her, and she wants me, but we’re not meant to be. And so we go in circle, enjoying the moments inside the world that only the two of us can see. 

Sometimes, I slip but I always make sure to step back. There’s a line that we must never cross. But I felt her need, her silent feeling that scream so loud and clear. An ocean of emotion that almost sweep me away. And so, to save us from making more mistakes I hid in my shell. I made her smile while watching her broke to pieces. I wish to patch her together, but I too am a far too broken.

Now we’re friends that often make love in our dreams.

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  2. Dreams…no one can see it, feel it, and live it, it’s only us that tastes the fruit of our own dream πŸ₯° Beautiful story Jessie✨ Have a beautiful day βœ¨πŸ€—πŸ’

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