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So close yet so far (Inspired)

“Good morning!” she waved cheerfully and dash into my arms and let go before I pulled her closer. She’s not not aware of it but she brightened up my day. The love of my life who see me as nothing more than childhood friend.

When the evening comes, my heart ached as she say goodnight, because all I wanted her to do is look into my heart. And I can’t do anything than discreetly reach for her hair that slips through my fingers like silk. My mind always tell me to go get her. Go confess but I’m afraid to scare her away. 

Looking up at the dark sky and whisper her name into stars was everything my hopeless love can do, hoping that the wind will carry my voice to her room. Make her feel what I think she can’t see. But I guess twenty-seven years of pent up emotion reach it’s limit. As we celebrated her twenty-fifth birthday I blurted it out in front of everyone “That’s so much like you” as Boy Meets Girl’s Waiting for a Star to Fall played.

“What?” she asked, confuse.

“You’re like a star, shinning brightly, so close yet so far, and I can only love from afar.”

The visitors all whistled and hooted. They teased her. Her best friend clearly said “And you thought you’re the only one who’s in love.”

I looked at her. She was red all the way to her ears as she ran off.

I chased her and stopped when she turn back. Her face is a woman in love. She jump into my arms where she belong and swayed with me for rest of the song.  

So close yet so far is inspired by Boy Meets Girl, Waiting for a Star to Fall


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