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Skates are fiction

I seemed to be running out of time every day lately. It’s bedtime before I know it and I feel like I haven’t done anything productive. Which made me think as I looked out of in the silence of the night here in Benidorm how different my life now compared to when I was a child. Back when my brother and I lay on the grass and looking at the dark starry night and dreams of shoes with wheels and asphalted road like it was something out of our fantasy.

Yes, at that time back in the early ’90s where people in the west goes around with cellphones in hand, me and my brother (and best friend at the time) thought roller skates was fiction.

Years later. Here I am at the age of 28 living my in my childhood fantasy.

I know the wheels are huge. It’s not easier than inline skates but it’s way more comfortable to move in them or my other quad skate with smaller wheels
pictures were taken back in 2012 when I was 28 and slimmer. Cries :'(


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