Six words story #002

Simple moments are time worth treasuring.

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18 thoughts on “Six words story #002

    1. Oh he does, Ribby. The crazy man has more energy to ran around with Orion than me sometimes. 😅

  1. Lovely short tale. Hey! is that you 😍✨Pretty memories though🤗Can I be more curious 😉 did you do that wheel running 😁 because I’ve seen you both wearing that shoe 😄 Hope u r not falling 🤪

    1. This was taken at 3am after having a race because there’s practically no one on the road 😂
      I did fall but not from this one. I was 21 here so I’ve been skating for 8 years. I fell down only once with my first skate, but it was a horrible one. I broke three fingers in my right hand and my left wrist 😢

      Here’s another post specifically about skating:

      1. oh that was hard, three fingers broke 😵 that’s it I’ll faint. But good 8 years though, hard ways learnt , you knew the real pain of falling, I’m sure you’ll be careful. Hope orion started to skate ☺️ he is got a good teacher 😉. I’ll check out .. right… now.😎

        1. Yep. Never took chances after that. Even if I pretended to be fine in the crowd, it hurt like hell. Damn.
          Yes, we’re thinking of skating with Orion as soon as the lockdown is over. 😁

          1. yay!!! that’s the spirit.. I pretended too when I broke my ankle 😳😂. It hurts damn 😄. that’s cool.. after lockdown is over looking forward to see pics orion skating 😍😻✨

          2. And probably me falling on my knees trying to get the best shot 😂

    1. Thanks Chris! 😁

      Yep it’s me. But how could he possibly capture it. It happen while he wasn’t looking haha 😂
      It happens once. A broken left wrist and fingers on the right. I was so careful after that I only have 1 more accident this time, he was too busy helping me up to get a shot 😄😜

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