Silent Tears

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I never felt my heart tore apart by a book as much as now. Silent Tears was a well-written book but I couldn’t bring myself to read more than chapter five. I grew up in hardships but what these vulnerable babies go through every day at the hands of the workers is unbearable. I applaud the author for being able to hold her sanity and even write a book about it. If I was in her situation, there are 3 things that might happen to me. I become a murderer or become murdered or become insane. I don’t think I’ll have the power to keep it together. 

When her family relocated to rural China in 2003, Kay Bratt was thrust into a new world, one where boys were considered more valuable than girls and poverty and the one-child policy had created an epidemic of abandoned infants. As a volunteer at a local orphanage, Bratt witnessed conditions that were unfathomable to a middle-class mother of two from South Carolina.

Based on Bratt’s diary of her four years at the orphanage, Silent Tears offers a searing account of young lives rendered disposable. In the face of an implacable system, Bratt found ways to work within (and around) the rules to make a better future for the children, whom she came to love. The book offers no easy answers. While often painful in its clear-sightedness, Silent Tears balances the sadness and struggles of life in the orphanage with moments of joy, optimism, faith, and victory. It is the story of hundreds of children and of one woman who never planned on becoming a hero but became one anyway.

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    1. Haha πŸ˜€ I’ve been reviewing a lot before in my old blog. Here are two mystery books I’ve reviewed here: This one got murder mystery in it and is actually written by a fellow Filipina author for the same writing group I’m in.
      and this one: this one doesn’t have murder but it involves a disturbing crime. A true story.

  1. Seems very moving story! To be honest I don’t like to read these stories, they affect me so much! I rather read something joyful or science fiction or so…Even though always loved to watch movies about true stories and drama but they make so miserable!
    Thank you for the recommendation <3

    1. Yes me too! I tried staying away as much as I can but I recieved the copy for free so I decided to give it a try and I couldn’t take it.

  2. I think I’d have a hard time reading that book as well.

    A book describing the aftereffects of a sad, tragic and totalitarian policy foisted on the people of China by their dictatorial government.

    1. The workers favored the kids based on their looks. The more beautiful babies get treated with gentleness while the less fortunate are treated like trash. I stopped at the point when a couple described to addopt and they couldn’t understand why the baby gulped down the bottle of milk so quickly even though it was a bit too hot to drink. The couple later found out that their new baby acted that way because if she did not drunk it within 3 min they’ll take the bottle off. Plus they only get milk twice a day. Shit I feel angry now…
      If you have a chance please asked some Dracul’s vampire friends to suck them dry.
      No wait, that might be to cruel for the vampire because I’m sure those workers’ blood are vile.

      1. Welcome dear πŸ’•
        Yeah child abuse is very bad, as it takes all the happiness of children which they should enjoy.

        1. More like, it’s so bad for me because unlike adults, most of the time kids are unable to understand their situation and can’t defend themselves from the abuser, and haven’t done a thing to deserves such abuse. Anyway, I hope I’m not depressing you. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have great day.

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