Short Saturday

beautiful tears

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11 thoughts on “Short Saturday

  1. oww….. why am I getting goose bumps while reading 🥺, This is why I prefer Scary stories are far better than emotional ones😉 Well done Jessica.💐🤗🤗

    1. Haha 😀 thanks for the compliment Simon ❤️ Well it’s obvious why you prefer scary stories because you’re good at it 😁

      1. Yes maybe that’s right, and moreover I’m emotionally too weak and still a coward to face emotions.😐. Still learning that emotions are part of essense in life.☺️

        1. We’re learning as long as we’re alive. I think we’re all a bit of a coward when it comes to facing emotions, I simply like throwing them in my writing.😌

          1. I should try that, throw them in writing 😉🤔 nice idea though ✍️ emotions are scarier than a spirit 😐😳true no matter which country we live in😁

    1. So true. Poker face isn’t the only mask that people wears. Wish you a wonderful weekend as well dear Ribby <3

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