She (A poem for a woman celebrating her 99 years today! 🎊🎉)

Note: April 1 is special for us. Yes, it’s April fools day. That’s why she always said no one believes her when she says “today is my birthday”.

Mor Sofie dette er for deg!


She carried me inside her for nine months

Even when I keep making trouble

She cherished me and did not complain

I grew up thinking of her as a superwoman 

She can do the impossible and fix anything

Yet I now see that she’s small and fragile 

She’s grown old and weak

No longer my superwoman

But she will always be the best mom

Dedicated to Mor Sofie, my mother-in-law who made me feel like her true daughter. Her life and death story when she gave birth to my husband inspired me a lot. She’s a brave woman who risked her life instead of choosing to make her son come out in pieces. Thank you. You give birth to the father of my son and made it possible for me to be the happiest mom. I wish you more years to live.

PS: Mor is Norwegian for “mother” it’s what I call her.

16 thoughts on “She (A poem for a woman celebrating her 99 years today! 🎊🎉)

    1. Magdilang anghel ka sana Drew! It’s a Filipino idiom hoping that you get an angel’s tongue. Haha 😀 Funny to directly translate it, I know, but it basically means that I hope your best wishes come true 🙂 Thank you for your warm words.

    1. Thanks Huguetta <3 It's just too sad that she hears so bad we could barely talk to her now and much more read my poem :( But she is a great woman.

        1. True. Nothing much we can do that make the rest of her life memorable as much as we can 🙂

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