Sharing the love #2

I made a promise to myself to share my favorite post from other bloggers but since the first time I shared, I always ended up forgetting composing the second one. Now my “post to share” bookmark is kilometers long. To shorten it here’s are some of them.

  • THE HOUSE ON THE HILL by Christopher ( Dracul Van Helsing) – This one is a perfect Halloween poem. Beautiful and haunted.
  • SUNDAY’S SUNNY SKIES… from Steve. This is heartwarming post about time.
  • ONCE AND NOW… by ThatAmbitiousIntrovert – It’s a touching poem that I as a self-proclaim bookworm love.
  • SANGRAR HASTA MORIR (Bleeding to Death) by Lynyo– This one is in Spanish (sorry) but it’s a really emotional one if you understand the language.
  • CAN YOU FORCE LOVE? from Huguette – Another great question. On the side note, I completely agree.

Again, yes, that’s it. Until next time.

16 thoughts on “Sharing the love #2

    1. Thank you for such sweet words Drew! ❀️ Well, support is one thing but it’s more because I love sharing what I love. I feel so tempted to share more of your poems too but then I can just go ahead and share your blog link next because every poems are unique and lovable πŸ₯°

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