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Secondhand dream

Unlike my husband who dreams distorted unexplainable situation, I could dream about a lifetime and write a book about it. (Haven’t tried it yet. But I will soon)

But one dream I’ll never forget was dreaming about my husband’s dream.
This happens years ago.

So there we were, laying in bed just before we sleep. He was telling me about his dream the other night about him being on a sundeck of a ferry.

“It was a nice weather,” he said “Warm and Sunny, and I guess you was with me. Then suddenly I notice that the boat is no longer in the water. It was driving through the forest.”

I laughed. “That’s stupid.”

“Yeah, but it felt natural in my dream,” he replied. “It didn’t even hit a single tree. I guess it’s a good sign that we’ll get through our trouble.”

Our company was having a tough time then.

“It’s a nightmare honey not a dream.” I kissed him goodnight and went to sleep…

And there I was in my summer clothes enjoying the breeze on the sundeck of a ferry. Sunlight bright, no clouds, gulls singing. Perfect day, until I walked closer to rails and saw the ferry approach a forest full of trees.

I waited for it to stop, but it keep going without a sign of stopping. I yelled “Somebody tell the captain to stop the boat!” But everyone behave as nothing was out of ordinary as the ferry enter the forest.

I waited for the crash but I witness the most horrible thing. Despite the dense trees, the ferry sail smoothly. “What the hell?” I screamed, feeling like I was losing my mind. People was looking at me that way too which was unnerving. How dare they look at me like that when obviously it’s them with the loose screws?

A hand plopped on my shoulder. “What’s wrong?”

I looked up to see my husband behaving like everyone. “How can you ask that? Can’t you see we’re sailing through a forest without running to any trees?”

“Yeah, I see that.” He smiled sweetly. And I considered punching him.

“It’s wrong! It’s impossible.”

“I think you need a rest.”

I screamed all the way till I woke up to my husband’s voice. He was shaking me awake. With his face so close, my first thought was punched him for acting so normal in the ferry. But think rationally and told myself it wasn’t exactly him.

I think what’s most scary about that dream, no nightmare, is not the ferry sailing in the forest, but people’s reaction to my behavior.

This was just one of many secondhand dream I took over from my husband.


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