Remembering the fun times

The last few days suck. So I browse through photos to travel down the memory lane, and here’s a photo of 34-year-old me and my 2-year-old son. March 2019.

He’s smiling right? That’s because I bribed him with walnut with honey if he smiles take one selfie with me.

Ah… fun times!

Mama wins!

Have a fantastic Friday!

19 thoughts on “Remembering the fun times

        1. Ahaha, I did visit you after seeing your comment. We must have crossed each other. Lovely post. I think I’ll catch some more of your post later. Dinner time here 😁

  1. Beautiful photo Jessica! When all else fails, bribe them! Good memories are always fantastic, have a great weekend Jessica!😃😺
    Meow, meow!=And great big cat hug from bestest friend Muffin! That me!😻😻

    1. Thanks Steve! Sometimes we got no choice but be a corrupt parents to get it the way we want haha 😄
      Aw Muffin thanks for the hug 😍 Hug and kisses back to you 🥰

    1. Totally worth it. 😄 My only issue is the sunlight lightened his skin way too much.

  2. Hahahah…you two look so cute! Bribery sometimes work 😉
    Is always good to go back to great memories when we’re down…😉 For this reason we must remember to continue to do new great memories 😉😍🤩🤗

    1. Thanks Ribby! 🥰
      True creating great memories in the present makes a good tool for the future 😁
      The bribes are getting harder these days though 😅

    1. Haha it gets harder to bribe him now. Now he demands banana muffins or some other baked goods instead 😂

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