Reading should be fun

I’ve grown up loving books. Friends told me that back from when we were as young as five they remembered me with a book or two in my hands every day. After I discover the joy of reviewing books online, I consumed books like an idiot.

I join blog tours. Accepted book review request left and right. After three years of reading nonstop of annoying and lovable or sometimes plain irritating books, I burned down.

I did my best to keep myself update in Goodreads but I already reached the point where I dread the thought of flipping a book page. I soon realized that I’m no longer enjoying myself. Reading became a burden. I felt like I was reading out of obligation and lost the pleasure of reading. So in the middle of 2017, I stopped blogging. I turned down all the review request and stopped joining all blog tour invites.

After that break, I now enjoy reading again and blogging about books. I promise to never exert myself anymore even if I only finish one book a month because reading should be fun.

August is the time for #BuwanNgMgaAkdangPinoy where Filipino reads Filipino authors work. And I’m going to have fun.


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