Push The Button by Sugarbabes

All three guys of Push The Button music video are good looking, but am I the only one fangirling over the first guy? The one with glasses? The cool nerd. Someone in YouTube commented that his name is Emrhys Cooper ( sounds like a hard name to pronounce. Thank goodness I’m writing. 😀 )

His messy attire and handsome face is so cool! His smile and awkward actions just makes an aggressive girl want to ravish him.

Go girl! <3

Emrhys polar opposite, the 3rd guy is cool too.

Look at that confidence!

But still, Emrhys remain my favorite here. I’ve got to write a male character based on him Mr. Cool Nerd, if not I won’t be satisfied.

PS: The second guy. I won’t deny that the second man is attractive but I can’t give him any compliment because…

…because he reminds so much of my ex!

14 thoughts on “Push The Button by Sugarbabes

    1. Wahaha! I still don’t know haha 😀 I’ve also kind of give up haha but now the fire is lit once again… I’m just hope I don’t end up in a rabbit hole haha

        1. Haha 😄 you’re welcome. We’re the same though I also only found out last year despite being his fan since the video debuted 😁

          1. He’s a British actor name Emrhys Cooper. Edit: Sorry I misunderstood the question. Truthfully, I still don’t know haha 😀

    1. Thanks Drew! But I just realize that I actually feel embarrass that a man is reading my girly thoughts. Haha 😁

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