Hey, I’m Jessica E. Larsen. A Filipina writer based in Spain.

I’m currently an author of 9 books and several short stories, both in retail stores and for free. Most of them are self-edited drafts posted in my blog.

I live near the Mediterranean coast with my loving husband and adorable son, where I gazed to the ocean and scheme how to torment annoying goody-two-shoes or straight out murder bitchy exes.

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Published books

Women’s day

Monday Music
I got nothing much to say about this day, and I'm sure there are so many posts was written about this anyway, so I'll stick to my usual post with the exception of adding more music. Here are the songs from female singers whom I admire the most. 1: Sophie B. Hawkins - As I...
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Because it’s your Birthday

Because it’s your Birthday

Micro-Stories special post
"Hey you!" Simon was currently busy rushing home to be with his sweet wife, turn to look toward the bushes where the voice came from. He saw no one. He raises a brow. "Who's there?" He asked tapping his feet. When no one shows up, he resumed his walk. Faster. "Wait!" said the same voice....
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I’ve been up to no good

I’ve been up to no good

Blogging Vblog
No, not really. I just feel it so bad to be out of sight in the blogosphere. Depression can't excuse it, so I'll be using the rest of the month catching up to my favorite blogs (and more) and hopefully get back to blogging again in two of my blogs, while writing my novel, play...
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wolf mountain

Wolf Mountain

With a backpack on my back, containing basic necessities and a sleeping bag, I made my way up the mountain. The sound of snow beneath my boots gave me the boost of strength to go on. It was cold but my cheeks was damp with sweat and my long hair uncomfortably clung to my skin. My mom’s words three years ago rang in my ears. “A young twenty-year-old girl like you should stop hiking by herself,” she said in which I replied...

Under the Mask

Anywhere he goes, people step aside. Parting like an ocean giving way to the king. Except he’s not treated with kindness. Because he’s always covered in cut and bruises. “They should put that delinquent to jail,” said one of the women to her friend. “Yes, he give this neighborhood...

Beneath the spring flower

Beneath the Spring Flowers

Springtime is when flowers bloom. And every year I will be one of the people who eagerly wait for trees to blossom, but unlike everyone, I’m not waiting for warm weather. I’m waiting to see her. She that only appears with the delicate array of papery pink blossoms of the trees. Today she stood in the arch bridge that perfectly reflected in the water, I ignored the fact that she isn’t in it. My focus is on her, to her enchanting presence that makes everything else fade. “This year I’ll...

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