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    Nothing is for Certain

    These past few days (weeks probably) I’ve been fighting one of the deadly enemy to human. A decease called depression, plus something known to women, hormone imbalance, go just the sound of it makes me want to murder the word, if possible. Please cheer up because I’m about to depress you and hopefully give you hope. This one is based…

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    Beautiful friendship

    Do you believe that opposite genders can be friends without developing into romantic relationship? I do! This post about Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet 23 Years of friendship brought so much warmth in my heart. More than fairytale-like romantic weddings of Hollywood artist. It’s even more touching to read about their sweet friendship than read about some other love relationships…

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    Traces of You

    It's been so long since we parted But the memory of it Felt like it was just yesterday Your smile haunts me to this day Days, weeks, years pass by in darkness Between us, I'm the moon You're the sun Without you I can't shine Your clothes, your gifts Everything that reminds me of you They're all here with me…

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    Hey guys as much as I like being a versatile blogger, I will now be focusing more on sharing my creative writing, poems, short stories and excerpts from my books. Although, I will no longer be accepting blog awards, being chatty is a part of me, so expect to still see post about music, movies, TV series and a couple…

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    Never One without the Other

    This post was scheduled for tomorrow, but my internet has been running at 58kps for some days and can’t even upload a picture, so changed the date of this for today, in case I completely ran out of internet tomorrow. The one I’ll share today is audio play. It’s mysterious, beautiful and I think fits the Halloween. The contrasting voices…

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    Cleaning up my closet

    I have no idea why, but I recently noticed that my WordPress reader isn’t showing post from many of my favorite bloggers. It’s really hard for me to go and click on “manage following” only to find out if they check if they posted an update. Anyone else noticing this in their WordPress feed? And because of this, I decided…

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    Sharing the love #2

    I made a promise to myself to share my favorite post from other bloggers but since the first time I shared, I always ended up forgetting composing the second one. Now my “post to share” bookmark is kilometers long. To shorten it here’s are some of them. THE HOUSE ON THE HILL by Christopher ( Dracul Van Helsing) – This…

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    Just Because

    Just because I’m smilingdoesn’t mean I’m happyJust because I’m laughingdoesn’t I’m having the time of my life When someone cried in front of medoesn’t mean they’rethe victim Stop judging peoplebased on their expressionbecause you have no ideawhat they are trulygoing through. PS: Not dedicated to anyone. 😁

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    Real Neat Blog Award

    Huguette no longer blog at the moment. And though she kind of pushed this award on me for fun. It feels right to end my award journey with a blogger who was the first ever to nominate me ever since I return to WordPress. Hug. Not sure if you’ll read this but even if you feel that I love them…

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    Smile it's weekend

    Since I’m planning to stop posting blog awards after one more award, I thought of keeping it simple. But it’s not me if I don’t add a little glam to make you smile. 😀 This 5th nomination was given by Steve at https://stevescountry.com Thanks Steve! Do visit his blog when you get a chance. You’ll enjoy his simple adventures with…