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    Sharing the love #1

    Okay, I’m sure my post yesterday rubbed some bloggers the wrong way and sorry if it did, but I’m simply expressing my feelings. And speaking of expressing my feelings, today I wanted to share my most favorite post from other bloggers. Take notes, there are more but this is something I started collecting from mid-April (last month) so other favorites…

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    Tuesday Teaser #2

    Damn it! He wanted her, but he knew that once he took her, he would no longer be able to let her go. He looked back and used his thumb and index finger to lift Kiyumi’s chin. “Take it back now, or I no longer will care about dragging you in the dark. I’ll make you mine and never let…

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    What should I call you?

    Inspired by Winnie‘s question in the comment section of “Your Smile“ I decided to make this post. In the Philippines, nicknames are very normal. People can have nicknames so different from their given names you won’t guess it’s the same person. I was utterly surprised when I was 7 that my mother’s name was very different and sounds way better…

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    Your smile

    Out of all the gift, mine was the cheapest. It has no value compare to everything you received. But the child like smile you gave when you got it was the sweetest. This warmth in my heart, your love, I hope I deserved it.

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    Why Am I so unlucky?

    The first time I ever bought a modern cellphone was back in 2014 (you know, the one you regularly see ever since touch screens arrive? Yeah, that.) I know it was normal already to have touch screens that year but for me having a smartphone in my hand was amazing! I took pictures, go to the internet using my phone,…

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    Identity Theif by Rachel Rosenthal

    Blurb: Who would want to steal the identity of a minimum-wage employee at a children’s museum? In this harrowing real-life detective story, a woman searches for the truth, clue after startling clue. Rachel hit the jackpot with her doting fiancé, Zach, who was starting a promising new political career at the Massachusetts State House. Then came money problems—Rachel’s was mysteriously…

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    Tuesday Teaser: Sly Prince

    “That’s her, Mr. Policeman! That’s the girl who tried to steal my wallet!” “Miss, could you please turn around?” the policeman said. Blaze grimaced. Using the elastic band which he always had around his wrist, he bundled his long hair into a low ponytail and turned around. He glanced at the police officer who seemed taken aback when he smiled…

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    Much Racket about #BTS

    Just last week I encountered a topic about a Korean boy band called BTS. I would not have reacted if I didn’t read somebody tweeting that she’s getting a “Milli Vanilli” vibes from the group and included that they hardly speak English. Okay, first I have no idea who the group was. After searching them, I found out that I…

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    The Sunshine Blogger Award

    Hey guys, I’m back for another award post. Yes, keep them coming! Hahaha Wait… hold it, unless it’s a bookish award or anything writing reading (like 3.2.1 Quote me) please wait to nominate me until the last week of May. I, however, love this award because what’s not to love? Read that name “The Sunshine Blogger Award” cheerful feeling is…