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Nothing is Everything

Hey guys! February is a month for R-O-M-A-N-C-E so even if you’re single and bitter, I’m so sorry, but I’ve already scheduled a series of romance stories for this sweet month ❤️

To start here’s Nothing is Everything’…

yes that’s the word she’s looking for.

Her feeling is forbidden. Yet, her heart yearns for him, aching to say the words and let him know. She wants to confess the feelings lock inside her chest. She wants to unlock it, give in to the strong need to let it flow, this love that she shouldn’t be having.

She has no freedom to choose him and he’s far too broken. But god, they both know they feel the same yet can’t honestly show it.

They say words that mean nothing yet also everything. They joke and laugh yet all they want is kiss and touch.

He sometimes tentatively give hints then retract back to his shell, and there they go again, pretending not to notice anything.

It’s a vicious cycle. Both enjoyable and tormenting.

They’ll exchange words with hidden meaning, smile like it means nothing, but between the lines that’s where they are, looking each other with a burning passion in their eyes.

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