22 thoughts on “News! New web icon 🤭

  1. Uh…🤔 It’s a manufacturing defect, like Polio, she was affected by Romantic imagination 😜. By birth, a romantic Author, always writes romantic 😁 and that’s you! 100% Love on blood, ever got it tested 😋?

    1. I’m guaranteed positive I got love running through my veins hehehhe 😁 thanks for such lovely comment Simon 💞

      1. The word positive hit in my head as what positive ? 😳 For a second I was afraid it was corona 😂🤣. can’t deny that, love definitely running through your veins 😂🤣 Your husband is lucky to have such romantic wife 🤗😍. Enjoy this lovely day 💐✨😊

    1. Thanks Chris! 💘 I’ve been searching all these years, creating one after another, but I think I finally found the one 😌

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