New year fever

How was your new year? Did you watch the sunrise before going to bed?

I did, and it was tormenting. The light penetrated my brain so painfully because I drank too much champagne.

Not to mention, I feel sickly because all the fatty christmas food seemed to have lowered my otherwise strong immune system. Which is why I hardly visit other blogs.

I won’t be posting for a few days because I have comments to reply and I got lots of blogs to catch up with…

Author: Jessica E. Larsen

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22 thoughts on “New year fever

  1. Happy New Year, Jessica. 🙂

    I went to bed about 1 A.M. January 1st.

    I didn’t drink champagne or watch fireworks.

    Instead I wrote my last and final vampire novel chapter of the decade of the 2010s.

    But that was okay.

    Because that chapter I think turned out to be the wittiest and most humourous of the decade of the 2010s.

    So it’s good to start the New Decade off on a high note. 😀

  2. well seems you had some exciting night 🥳🥳 I slept early for a new year’s eve and it was a regular night with family
    Usually I’m with friends but my close friends are away this year and anyway it’s a very bad weather and cold so home is the best option 😊 may 2020 be great year full of great events and news 🙏🏻😊❤️

    1. I love your optimism Hug ❤️
      I spend the whole Christmas and New Year with family too…
      My husband and I finished a whole bottle of champagne while watching Smallfoot. The room spin by the time the movie ended 😂

      1. 😁😁❤️ your experience with alcohol is not so encouraging haha but as long as you’re home so no problem 😊😊 all what I did in this vacation was eating and drinking wine and I believe it was perfect 😂

  3. My dear Jess, I guess is time for you to relax a little bit 😉
    Christmas can be very tricky…so many foods, very easy to loose control 🤪
    Hope you’ll feel better soon 🤗
    Have a wonderful 2020! 🤩🥳🤗💕

  4. Hey Jessica ✨🤗 Happy Happy New Year ✨🤗 To you and your little version 2.O and your best half ✨😸 Enjoy the food, it’s all fun for the new year… If not today when are we going to eat all these foods🤪 and forget you drink it🥂 try again 😜😉 Have a beautiful day.. May this new year brings you all smile and success with healthy Life ✨

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