Much Racket about #BTS

Just last week I encountered a topic about a Korean boy band called BTS. I would not have reacted if I didn’t read somebody tweeting that she’s getting a “Milli Vanilli” vibes from the group and included that they hardly speak English.

Okay, first I have no idea who the group was. After searching them, I found out that I have no interest in the group’s songs. It’s not my cup of tea. But as I replied to the one who tweeted. Just because they can’t speak English doesn’t mean they can’t sing it.

M2M sang a Mandarin version of Pretty Boy and Spanish version of Everything You Do.

I doubt that my favorite Norwegian duo knows how to speak the language at all. Just because they aren’t good in the language doesn’t mean they’re lip-synching. Singing is different from speaking. You can perfect it because of training.

These people who judge Milli Vanilli or any singers for lip-synching because they don’t know the language should hear Filipinos sing F4 (a taiwanese boy band) songs during the peak of their popularity. They’ll never guess that most, if not, all of them have no idea what they were singing about.

PS: I’m not saying that Milli Vanilli did not lip-sync. I just want to convey that a singer doesn’t have to be good in English to be able to sing the language nicely. Practice makes perfect.

15 thoughts on “Much Racket about #BTS

  1. I think you missed the point of the Milli Vanilli comparison. Milli Vanilli didn’t just lip sync… They lip synced to other people’s voices and it was marketed as their own.

    1. And I think you missed the point of my post Ryan.

      My point isn’t about lip syncing. My point is that it’s stupid for people to assume (like in BTS) a singer can’t sound good singing in English just because they aren’t good at speaking it. Hence, why I also use M2M singing in Mandarin as examples.

      I’m fully aware of Milli Vanilli’s story. I wrote about them before BTS here:

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

  2. The little girls around me are so into this group – almost their language, too. Haha. I’m not a fan but I enjoy some music and each lavish production.

    1. Their songs are not bad but not to my liking, but as I mentioned I don’t like how people judge singers based on how good they are in the language. It’s just not right.

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