Much Racket about #BTS (Part 2)

As I mentioned in my previous post about the BTS, I have no interest in their songs. It’s not my cup of tea. And also because they are like a modern version of the boy bands from the ’90s.

In my opinion, for the current standard, BTS is great. But if they were back in the ’90s I don’t think they’ll stand out that much, because honestly, they pale in comparison.

BTS sounds way better when I can visually see them basking in the extravagant effects than when I close my eyes and just listen.

If it’s dance move and singing look at Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync, New Kids on the Block and more…

Below is a BSB concert. Simple with not so much colorful lights. Now imagine if all that flashy presentation from BTS behind BSB. Just saying.

What’s your say in this ’90s kids?


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