Monday Pouts

Jessica Larsen watching One Piece anime

Yes, I’m pouting. I’m joining you who are having a bad day because it’s Monday. No, not really. It’s more because I still haven’t got the congratulation for 100 post WordPress notification post that I’ve been waiting for. And I already past that number!


Monday memes

Okay. I admit. You most probably have it worse.

Sorry can’t help it.

But cheer up!

PS: Header is me binge watching One Piece anime haha 😄

24 thoughts on “Monday Pouts

  1. Oh no, WP forgot to congratulate you? This is sad 🙁
    But never mind! Congratulations Jessica! 🎊 🎊
    One questions: how do you put the pin save button on the picture?

    1. Thank you so much Ribby ❤
      As for the pinterest button, I’m not quite sure how I did it now, but I think it’s in the Jetpack settings. When I have the time, I’ll look more into it to make sure and message you. In case I’m mistaken.

  2. 😂😂😆😆 CONGRATULATIONS Jessica. And I just did a celebratory dance for you 🎊 🎊 🍝🍢🍨🍾🍸🍷🍻🍹

  3. You know Jess, when I think that I’m being a bit cruel and rude sometimes, you write this post and I realize I was so damn soft with you and I should probably increase the dosage 😂😂 WP didn’t congratulate you! really????
    Congratulations Jess for the 100 posts achievement! 😊
    are you better?

  4. Hey Jessica! A100 post notification, if wordpress not giving, Lets do it ourself 🙂 and Well said, Monday comes only once in a week. So let’s welcome it with full excitement 😄 Wish you a happy Monday.

  5. Oh dear, Monday is hard for everyone I guess! At least for me, it is 😅
    And WordPress can be so naughty and lazy sometimes…
    Creating hundred posts is such a great achievement! It just shows how brilliant you are!! ✨😃

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