Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

Magical girl is to not my stuff. The first time I saw Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, I thought, β€œMiraculous? More like Ridiculous.” They are in love with each other in a X kind of way. Cat Noir is in love with LadyBug (Marinette), but she doesn’t reciprocate.

She is instead in love with Adrien (Cat Noir) but Adrien only sees her as friend because… you know it, he’s in love with LadyBug.

I have only watch random episodes in the past, but this month I finally got to watch it in chronological order and finished watching the season one. Thank goodness they show how it all started too in the first season.

What’s bugging me about the whole situation isn’t the story. First, it’s awkward for me whenever they transform

But that becomes very tolerable over time.

The last and most important is that no one can tell who they are in the costume! I understand that not all the population of Paris will be able to tell, but how about their close friends? Their family?

Cat Noir costume is a bit harder, but Marinette’s face is almost visible. Her hair color and hairstyle and her voice. Everything is a big giveaway. How come no one put 2&2 and solve it?

But that aside the story is nice. It’s cute and lovable. I’m passed 30…

Zipped it.

But I still feel so kilig of the slow and gentle development of their love story.

Curious about kilig? Click here.

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    1. No you must have misunderstand me. I’ve just finished watching the first season. I love the story, actually almost everything. I just find it very hard to believe that Marinette’s close friends and family can’t tell who she is because her disguise is too easy to tell.

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