The world is unfair

The world was very cruel to them

– Shannon Russo (Youtube)

Yes, what they went through was unfair. I’ve only been listening to their music since last year, but I never know about their story until I paid attention to the Youtube comments of the music videos early this year.

I felt it sad after searching why people called them “fraud”. And the more I read and listen, the more I understand that they were victims.

[bctt tweet=”Milli Vanilli deserved more credits than what they got.”]

After seeing Fab Morgan (LEFT-if you don’t know) singing their old song Blame it on the Rain (one my most favorite, followed by “Girl I’m Gonna Miss You” ) in his own voice, I just need to write a post about them, because you know, seeing Fab alone makes me want to cry. Because they can sing. It’s just that most of the “fans” never give them another chance to prove it together. And they were trapped by Frank Farian (See Fab’s full interview at the bottom).

I miss Rob even though I didn’t know he existed until two decades after his tragic death. Click here to watch him (them) perform Blame it on the Rain.

Even though his motto was: “It’s better to be feared than to be love,” he loved that love. When people acknowledge him, and give him attention… He loved that…” Fab Morvan

“…many elements that made it [more] traumatic for Rob [than Fab]. He was an adopted child and didn’t have a solid family base. He ran away from home as a teenager. Rob was a lonely soul in America attempting to understand the culture, wandering in the dark.” – April Sutton

“…He was in great shape, working out every day. But inside, he was the opposite. For someone who looked so strong, Rob was a very, very fragile person.” – VH1’s Gay Rosenthal

Source: Crap from the past

The documentary below (which only scratch the surface) just made it more tragic for me.

I don’t know what to say… stupid manager? I’m not saying that the duo was completely guilt-free, but Farian probably hated the idea that Rob and Fab were rebelling against him, pushing him to let them sing, that’s why he’d rather destroy them than give them a chance make things right with minimum scandal. He did, after all, threatened them before they became famous (according to Fab in the interview below).

The whole thing about the scandal seems stupid to me. The media blew the whole thing out of proportion and the “fans” reactions were over the top. It broke Rob who only wanted everyone’s acceptance.

[bctt tweet=”Sometimes I feel that people forget that artist and singers are humans too, with feelings that can be deeply hurt.”]

The links below are the promotional tour for a new completed Milli Vanilli album entitled “Back and in Attack” featuring Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan on lead vocals, Pilatus was found dead at the age of 32 from in”Kent’s Cube” in Friedrichsdorf near Frankfurt. Rob Pilatus’ sudden death although suspicious, was ruled accidental, and the final Milli Vanilli album, featuring their own vocals (which may have led to a possible public redemption), has never been released.

I think they were cruelly fucked over by the industry but I am happy to see Fab arise and tell the real story. Best of luck to him. He seems like a beautiful person. A Very sincere soul. I am sorry Rob left us.

– Mercuryhasleft .o. [youtube]

[bctt tweet=” When it comes down to it all, Milli Vanilli was a great entertainer. They performed each of their songs with so much enthusiasm and they were good at it. And they can sing when the chance was given to them! “]

If you want to know their story you have to listen/watch this interview.

One last thing before I end this long post. After watching Fab interview I have a feeling that maybe, just maybe, could it be that Farian (or his “men” ) are responsible for Rob’s death?

Quote from some press reports :

One unconfirmed report said that German police were treating the death as suspicious because Pilatus’ body showed evidence of head injuries…

Unlike Fab Morvan who refused to speak again to Farian despite working with him for the “Back and in Attack” album, (from 1:13 in the full interview) Rob listened to Farian and went back to Germany where he was found dead.

I also find it suspicious that the supposed to Biopic film keep stopping. Could it be that some powerful people don’t want the story to come out because they’re afraid that the general population starts to sympathize with the duo and point finger at them? Or maybe I’m just too paranoid because I can relate too much to their past?

For whatever reason, I wish Fab Morvan a bright future and his brother Rob to rest in piece.

After this post, I’m putting their story in the back of my mind and move on with my life.

Do you know their stories? What are your thoughts?

Fab Morvan now

Beautiful voice if you ask me

22 thoughts on “The world is unfair

    1. You said it. Until now the media and the ex-fans are still waiting to jump and make fun of anything Fab says. But it admirable that he’s facing it bravely. I wonder if anyone can easily pull that off after being a public punching bag for more than two decades.

      1. Every day I get sadly surprised by the stupidity of some people, you know? They are still chasing this artist until now, but everybody knows that musicians do what they did CONSTANTLY! I guess they used them as some kind of outlet I don’t know, but it’s so unfair and I’m not even a big fan of them, to be honest, but something like this can’t cost a human life… It should not

        1. Agree. I wouldn’t really call myself a fan either. I don’t like all their songs, only a few and some are because of the music video. But I made this tribute because it’s simply so unfair. People who never gave up on harassing them with cruel words behave as if they killed and murdered and should be sent to jail, when in fact all they did was entertain people.

          1. I absolutely agree with you! Entertainment is just that, nothing more, and society needs to understand that… If they don’t like their music or the fact that they where using playback (as everyone does once in a while ) fine! Don’t follow them, don’t buy their records, ignore them and that’s it!

    1. Edit:
      I had too much alcohol when I first replied. 😀 I just wanted to add it’s nice to know that someone listens to their music without knowing the story because I have a feeling that the only thing left of them ever since the scandal is the disgrace, which I feel every media use from time to time for fun or to mock someone else. It’s sad.

      Again, thanks for reading! <3

    1. It’s a story that deserves its film, but sadly as I mention it gets mysteriously stopped. Thanks for reading!

  1. It was unselfish of them but this world yes can be unfair,within the unfairness though lies reprieve.May you find rest and peace from the fact that he is rested and will find better peace than a cloud of hate and lies all around.

  2. Never heard of them but thank you for this post and the respectful tribute, it’s so sad to know that Rob has died and yes it’s always the producers and managers that have the power to ruin everything or make everything succeed! Some great talents were buried, or never had the chance because they didn’t have the required financial support…This field requires lot of money and power blessings

    1. Thanks for reading Huguetta. 🙂 I don’t care much if they succeeded or not because of financial support. Singers/artist come and go in the showbiz industry. It was more how they were completely betrayed and used as a sacrifice by the people they looked up to and left to defend themselves, is what hurt me most.

      1. Yes I know that betrayal is your concern and you’re right, this is why I’m mentioning how important is the producers and managers’ role, if it wasn’t important, the betrayal wouldn’t be effective you see? At least from my point of view

        1. hahaha 😀 You’re right. I’m might see it that way in the future but definitely not today if you hadn’t said. There always another angle to every story, yet I failed to see it, probably because I’m still too attached to the story especially after Fab Morvan replied to me unexpectedly!😆. I gawked at it his answer for a full minute, then felt the sorrow come over me, but I’m over it now.

          1. I’m imagining you gawking 😂😂 oh Jess there’s a lot of misery and injustice in this world, stop being sad or I’ll start cursing in Spanish 😂😂
            I just watched the videos and read and I know how things work in this field, in a minute they make you a star and in other minute you’re nothing unless you’re really loved by people and even this they can manipulate
            Don’t worry you’re focused on certain point

          2. Yeah, media is a powerful enemy too. I’m fine now, I’m fine, please don’t curse in Spanish because I can already imagine it 😂

            Of course, I’d be gawking. Fab might have fallen from fame but he’s still half of the group I admire. And he still works as a celebrity with new and old fan based. It was surprising enough that he liked my comment, and much more shocking when he replied cheerfully and thanking me for the support. So touch! 😭

            🤩 Maybe I should print and have it framed? 🤔 Hahaha 😅 I’m not that crazy yet.
            Thanks for talking to me Huguetta. I feel better each day because of it. 🙂

          3. hahhaha yes yes print it and have it framed 😂 then have a picture for Fab and do some photoshop with your picture next to him 😂😂 Now this will be a total level of crazy! 😂 Dios Mio!!
            I’m glad you feel better so be my guest whatever you want to talk about anything at all 🙂 Hope you’ll have a good day <3

          4. Si, eso es dios mio 🤣😂 If that ever happens, I’ve passed the level of healthily admiring him into an obsession. Although I’d be more than happy to meet him and get a picture with him, even then, I won’t have it framed. Maybe Instagram 😄

            Thanks again Huguetta. Hope you have a great day too 😘

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