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jessie winterspring landing

It’s hard to establish a new identity, but it’s also difficult to say goodbye to the old one. So I kept both and for a while I almost tore myself in half. On the plus side, quite a few readers had expressed interest in reading In Another Time the book I finished in Nanowrimo challenge back in 2020.

As for my blog… well, I’ve been playing AWOL for a long time now, and the longer it goes, the more I feel bad for missing on things, and that makes me want to stay absent. It’s a toxic cycle.

Covid lockdowns really did a number on me. I’m back in Spain now and working hard to build an online presence in mostly focusing on Instagram as Jessie Winterspring.

“Me Monday” is the day I save to talk about myself outside of books and reading.

But the months have been lonely without the blogging community. 

I’m making no promises, but I think I’m back! Haha 😀

So here’s one of my favorite from the 80s.

Let’s chat <3 later because before that, I’ll go to sleep. Goodnight!

30 thoughts on “Me Monday, music & more

    1. I went to Sweden with my son back in 2019 and got stuck there due to Covid lockdowns. It took a lot of courage for me to return to Spain for the same reason.

    1. Haha thank you. I miss blogging so I think I’ll take it easy and be around until blogging die completely (hopefully never 🤣)

  1. Even though we have already chatted, Welcome back Jessica! I am so glad you decided to come back again and I know Muffin is thrilled to see you back as well. Enjoy your weekend, have fun, keep writing!😁😻

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by Steve. I’m looking forward to seeing more of sweet Muffin around 😍🥰💕

  2. I can see you’ve been away, so welcome back 😁 well identity changes and it evolves and we can have multiple identities, I will try to write a post about the common ground approach which is the core of our job in the organization I work in.
    I couldn’t open the links but I will from laptop
    Happy to interact with you again and hope you will always be around 😊❤️❤️

    1. Thanks Hug! 💞 I always find it wonderful to chat with you. Identity changes and evolve. You’re so good with words! Anyway, no matter what you write I’m it will be worth reading. It always have. Welcome back to blogging to you to 🥰

      1. Thank you dear, it’s very mutual 🥰and I’m happy to be back as well to the world I enjoy the most 😊 to the people that speak my language as well 😊💕💕

        1. You warm my heart ❤

          Now if only I can learn to write your language too… sorry my head is filled with crazy things right now. But seriously your language is beautiful to look at in writing 😍

          1. 🥰🥰 You encourage me to post in Arabic then haha will post some translated posts, anyway I’m reviving most of my posts currently, until I post new content 💕💕

          2. Probably for the best because I kind of forgot some of them (probably most) it’s age isn’t? I’m forgetting more 🤣

  3. Hello dear Author Jessie😍😍😍 It’s good to see you back. It was a long break isn’t it 😂AWOL… Right term to express 👍😄 BTW the look of new site is smooth and friendly 😍 Huguette started a new site hope u are aware. 😉. So we missed you in the blogging but not on social media, you are always active somewhere 😄. Keep doing what you love💝 if you didn’t know, let me remind you again, you are Awesome 😍✨🎉Have a Lovely Week ahead ❣️

    1. I saw your comment last night and I didn’t want to reply when head is muddled with sleepiness and I’m glad I did 😆 I would have missed your beautiful intention otherwise.

      Thank you. 💕 I did want to the new site to be easy on the eyes and stress free. Glad I achieved it. Yes, I’m always active somewhere, just not Facebook, for some reason I don’t feel like doing anything there haha 😄

      And yes, I’m aware. I’ve been intending to visit her blog a whole week now. I’ll make round through your blog and other favorite blog soon to get started 🥰

      1. 😍✌️ Thank you Jessica. Welcome back. It’s always good to have you online, no matter where it is. Keep Flying 🎉

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