In Another Time

Book Cover: In Another Time
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Qué absurdo, that's what Leonardo thought when his grandmother told him about Celestina, the girl in the black and white photograph who vanished like magic right in front of her eyes. But he'll soon realize that absurd things like magic do happen in this world.

No One Else but You (Filipino Novel)

“I can’t date anyone other than the man I’m in love with, I don’t like having substitutes.”
“I know, that’s why I’m trying to win your love. Because when I finally have your heart, I know you would never falter.”

Kahit na ilang beses nang masaktan si Sandra dahil hindi humigit sa kaibigang pagturing sa kanya ni Léonce, inakala pa rin niyang ito lamang ang lalaking patuloy na maghahari ng puso niya.
Subalit lumabo ang lahat sa pagdating ni Ryder, isang misteryosong Englishman na determinadong makuha ang pagmamahal niya, at ni Dawn, ang panibagong rival niya sa atensyon ni Léonce.
To make her used to be peaceful life into a complete mess, she also has a stalker who knows about her dark past.


Hindi niya maipaliwanag pero ganoon pala kasarap ang makarinig ng pagtatapat ng isang lalaki, it was satisfying but she knew better than to just immediately turn him down again. Kung may isa man siyang napatunayan sa buong araw nilang pagkakasama at iba pang mga sandaling nagkasama sila, iyon ay kung walang isang Léonce na naunang nagmay-ari sa puso niya, si Ryder ngayon ang isisigaw ng puso at isipan niya.

Pinutol niya ang pakikipagtitigan sa binata at tumingin sa nagkukulay cotton candy na mga ulap. “Why?” iyon ang unang kataga na lumabas sa bibig niya. “Why do you love me, Ryder?”


“To be honest, I first fell for the you who loved someone so sincerely. Your love was so strong you didn’t waver even if I was sure I finally got you many times. I don’t know when it changed, but when I received that text from Saul saying you were kidnapped, that’s when I realized how much I love you.” Nilingon niya ang binatang nahiga at patuyang tinawanan ang sarili. “You see when I truly fall in love, I get selfish.”

“Were you?” tanong niya.

“Yes. I wanted to have your smile, your laugh, your tears all for myself. I wanted to selfishly save you by myself even if I knew it wasn’t possible. And when I watched you sleep on my bed that day, all I wanted to do was hide you away.” Ryder put his fingers up. “I was this close to kidnapping you myself.”

Mahina siyang tumawa. “You wouldn’t.”

“You’re right.” Nanlaki ang mga mata niya sa bigla nitong pagsang-ayon. Naupo ito ng tuwid at itinuro ang puso niya. “It’s not possible because what I want to steal is the hardest thing to get.”


Sparks of Attraction

Her head is telling her to run, but she can no longer ignore her heart.

Serene’s big mouth and playgirl reputation get her into trouble at her ten-year high school reunion. The boy who broke her heart when she was a teenager teases her with a kiss and she is left torn over their rocky past and a future she isn’t certain they can have together.

Examining her past, she can see that heartbreaker Zane was the one person who let her true personality shine through after she dumped her good girl image and put on a façade to save her twin sister from being bullied.

Secrets and lies are uncovered as Serene makes her decision.


“Oh, if it isn’t Insane Virus!” I said, doing my best to sound calm. I took a few steps across the corridor and faced Zane with a mocking smile. “Why did you come—to spread your insanity virus to everyone?”

“It’s a virus you know best, isn’t it?” he replied with a faint smile on his lips as his deep expressive eyes travelled from my face down to my breasts and stayed on my exposed legs.

I felt heat rush through my body. When I heard it unlock I stepped toward the bathroom door. But just as Adrian stepped out, Zane got hold of my wrist and pulled me close. Before I managed to push Zane away, our lips touched. His left hand tightly secured my head, while his right hand traveled from my wrist up to my shoulder. His lips continuously encouraged me to open up for him, something I was unable to resist.


I softly moaned against his mouth the moment his tongue entered and playfully touched mine. His hand once again moved from my bare shoulder to my back and pinned me to the wall, messing up my long hair. Zane continued to kiss me and didn’t let go until Adrian shyly excused himself and went off with the woman, who had stepped out into the hall with a curious look on her face

“That should prevent you from catching any more guys in your trap,” Zane said, then briskly walked away, leaving me flooded with memories and weak in the knees as I went into the bathroom and stared at my reflection.


What Took You So Long?

Milky thought she was ready for anything, but is she ready for love?

​Ready to take on the world, Milky Valdez moves to Madrid to carve out a life and a career for herself, away from the stifling help of her well-meaning, affluent parents. Still young and inexperienced with men, she is shocked when she meets Luke, her handsome, womanizing neighbor, who leads a hedonistic lifestyle as a music producer.

Despite their differences, the two strike up an unlikely friendship.

Milky’s new world changes when she overhears a conversation that leads her to make a rash decision. Giving up her virginity to a friend seems like the easy option, but when she finds out what Luke has given up for her in return, she realizes just how big a risk she’s taking.


“Is that why you’re waiting until you get married to have sex?”

I glared at him. “I’ve never had a boyfriend! I thought I told you that already.”

“I just find it strange. If you want to lose your virginity that much, why know, use a vibrator?”

“I can’t! I tried, but just imagining the pain it would cause made me too scared.”

He laughed. “Right.” He moved out of bed and I looked away when I saw that he was only wearing a pair of boxers. He stepped toward the bathroom before looking back. “I heard some virgins say that it wasn’t that bad when they first lost it. Sure, there’s a pain, but there’s also pleasure.”


“That’s what I heard.”


I jumped out of bed and stopped him from closing the door, swallowing when my eyes landed on his well-sculpted abs. My eyes then traveled down to the V-shape that pointed to the secret part I had never personally seen in my life. “What?” He placed one hand on the doorjamb and the other on my chin. “Don’t tell me I’ll be the lucky guy?”

I lifted my eyes and answered him seriously. “Yes. Please take my virginity, Luke.”

The playful expression on his face vanished. He let go of my face and turned away. I heard him chuckle. “Are you still drunk or sleepy?”

“Neither. I’ve never been more sure and awake in my life!”

Luke took a deep breath and faced me with a conceited smile. “You’ll regret it.”


“You’ll enjoy having sex with me so much you’ll never be satisfied with someone else.”

“You’ve got it backward, Luke. You’ll have so much fun with me that you’ll lose all interest in being with other women.”

His playful look returned. “You’re on,” he said, pulling me close and pressing our lips together for the first time.


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