In Another Time

Book Cover: In Another Time
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Qué absurdo, that's what Leonardo thought when his grandmother told him about Celestina, the girl in the black and white photograph who vanished like magic right in front of her eyes. But he'll soon realize that absurd things like magic do happen in this world.

Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly imperfect temporary cover
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They were taught that they live in a perfect world until she meets him and gets slap by horrible truth.


Samantha was bathing with Ocean, her four year old, when Ocean pointed her breast. "Mom, why do you have boobs and not Ocean?

"Girls get it when they get older."

"Then I will get it too?"

"You will, sweetie, when the time comes." Samantha turn away and whispered, "I'll make sure you do."

"Will I get that too?" Ocean added pointing another part of her.

A bitter smile appeared on the Samantha's face. "No, Ocean, you won't."

"I want to get that too because I have not seen anyone like mine. And it hurts when you help hide it. I want to take my undies in the pool too, like everyone."


Samantha eyes widened. Her hands shook as she cupped Ocean's beautiful cheeks, and despite her effort to appear calm, her voice was a notch higher. "Listen, Ocean. Everything in this world is supposed to be perfect. Being imperfect is a flaw punishable by death. But mommy love you so much that she gave birth to you despite your imperfection. So, remember what I've always told you?"

Ocean nodded. "Never said that I'm different"

Her heart ached. "That's right, sweetie. And you must never reveal your secret to anyone else." Samantha kissed Ocean's forehead. She hated to give so much restrictions to Ocean but she has no choice. If she wanted her only child to survive in this world, Ocean must live a lie.


Someone to Care (Filipino Edition)

They share similar pasts, but that’s as far as they have in common.

Book Cover: Someone to Care (Filipino Edition)
Part of the Filipino/Taglish Standalone stories series:
  • Someone to Care (Filipino Edition)

After her parents die in an accident, Jennelle is passed around by her relatives. Hindi siya tumatagal ng isang taon sa piling ng mga kamag-anak bago siya itulak ng mga ito patungo sa iba.

At fifteen, nalibot na yata niya lahat ng isla sa Pilipinas. Not that she cares, because she has learned from the moment she loses her parents that not getting too involved with anyone will keep her from getting hurt. Subalit nagbago ang lahat ng iyon nang makilala niya si Valentine, ang adopted son ng distant relative niya kung saan siya sunod na titira. Like her, Valentine has been orphaned at a young age, but unlike her, Valentine loves to keep everyone close—except her. And as if sharing a home wasn’t enough of a torture, they would also be attending the same school.

This story first appeared in #BuqoYA 5: Perfect Moments bundle.


Hindi ko mapigilang hindi mapangiti nang masulyapan ko ang reflection ko sa glass wall ng film store na nadaan namin ni Tita Emilee. The one-inch-heeled sandals perfectly matched the simple baby blue dress that has a thin spaghetti strap, low enough neckline to show a bit of my cleavage, and asymmetric hem to show off my legs.

Tumigil sa masayang pagsasalita si Tita Emilee at tiningnan ako sa reflection ko. “With this, I’m sure that Val would be eating his words.” Sinundan ng malutong na tawang wika ni Tita Emilee, na nagpaalab ng husto sa puso ko.

Pagkarating namin sa restaurant, natagpuan namin na inip nang naghihintay sa labas si Valentine. Hindi niya ako napansin nang salubungin siya ng tanong ni Tita Emilee.

“What are you doing out here?”

“Ang tagal ninyong dumating kaya nahiya na akong umupo sa loob na walang ino-order. Pinag-uusapan na yata ako ng mga trabahador.”


Tumawa lang si Tita Emilee sa anak. “Nawili kasi kami sa pamimili ng damit ni Jennelle. She’s gorgeous on most of the dresses, it was hard to choose just a few.”

“Hah...” simula ni Valentine sa pagtawang hindi natuloy nang ibaling niya ang tingin sa akin. At tulad ng naisip ko, he did give me a second look!

Yes! nagdiriwang na saloob ko ngunit nang manatiling tulalang nakatingin sa akin si Valentine, biglang tinahip ng kaba ang dibdib ko. Stop staring! gusto ko sanang isigaw pero tila naka-zipper ang bibig kong di makaimik at nag-iinit ang mukhang nag-iwas ng paningin. Strange. I was nervous.


A French FairyFail (Filipino Novel)

“Have a heart check woman,” sabi ni Lex na ikanasalpok ng mga kilay ni Liberty.
“What do you mean?”
“Are you sure you love him or you just love the thought of being in love with him?”

Tumungong France si Liberty sa hangaring mahanap roon ang prinsipeng pinapangarap. Doon niya nakilala si Lèonce, isang lalaking tila binuhay mula sa kanyang mga isinusulat na fairytales stories, kaya naman agad niyang pinangarap makarelasyon ito, subalit bakit nang labis siyang nasasaktan ay walang ibang naruon kundi si Lex? Ang lalaking nagpakita ng pagkamuhi sa kanya sa simula pa lamang ng kanilang pagkakakilala.

Making Him Fall

He’s the last thing she ever wanted, but she’s the only one who makes his life exciting.

Book Cover: Making Him Fall
Part of the Moon Islands series:
  • Making Him Fall

Twenty-one-year-old Triste wanted nothing more than to be the crown princess of the Netherworld. She accepted her father’s condition of going to the land of the humans to find a thousand souls to be her army or one pure soul as a sacrifice. In her first week, she found a man with a pure, untainted soul. The problem was that he had a guardian angel, Cadriel, who prevents her from getting close enough to this person. There’s only one solution: kill the angel and get the human.

Unlike most angels, instead of eliminating the demon who obviously plans to taint the soul of the person he was guarding, Archangel Cadriel amused himself by only hindering this cute, inexperienced demon. He doesn’t care if she’s after his life; after all, one look and he can tell that he’s more experienced and has more skills than her. He could kill her anytime he wants. But can he?


“That was close.”

Cadriel maneuvered himself in midair and smiled at the angel coming out of the blinding light with hair almost as white as his folded wings behind him.

“Agnolo, why are you here?”

Like him, Agnolo suspended himself in the air and looked him straight in the eyes. “Cadriel, the gods—”

He raised his hand to stop Agnolo. “If this is about last night, please, don’t bother. I know the rules, but I just can’t attack anyone who is defenseless, and I mean anyone.”

Agnolo smiled uncertainly. “The gods are worried that what happened to Alastair will also happen to you.”

He narrowed his eyes before shaking his head, feeling annoyed. Alastair was supposed to be Victor’s guardian angel, but after Alastair had let the demon get away with the human he was assigned to before, the gods made Cadriel takeover the guardianship of Victor.


“Tell the gods this—I have never failed them since I started working for them, so I hope they won’t start doubting me now and comparing me to Alastair. We do things differently, and the gods should know that better than anyone else. They didn’t rank me an archangel for fun, did they?”

“Cadriel! You know I can’t say something so disrespectful!”

“I know.” He smiled. Personally, he didn't see how saying what was in his mind disrespectful, but that’s just how most angels were, and Agnolo was not an exception. “Please just tell the gods not to worry, I have everything under control.”


Sparks of Attraction

Her head is telling her to run, but she can no longer ignore her heart.

Serene’s big mouth and playgirl reputation get her into trouble at her ten-year high school reunion. The boy who broke her heart when she was a teenager teases her with a kiss and she is left torn over their rocky past and a future she isn’t certain they can have together.

Examining her past, she can see that heartbreaker Zane was the one person who let her true personality shine through after she dumped her good girl image and put on a façade to save her twin sister from being bullied.

Secrets and lies are uncovered as Serene makes her decision.


“Oh, if it isn’t Insane Virus!” I said, doing my best to sound calm. I took a few steps across the corridor and faced Zane with a mocking smile. “Why did you come—to spread your insanity virus to everyone?”

“It’s a virus you know best, isn’t it?” he replied with a faint smile on his lips as his deep expressive eyes travelled from my face down to my breasts and stayed on my exposed legs.

I felt heat rush through my body. When I heard it unlock I stepped toward the bathroom door. But just as Adrian stepped out, Zane got hold of my wrist and pulled me close. Before I managed to push Zane away, our lips touched. His left hand tightly secured my head, while his right hand traveled from my wrist up to my shoulder. His lips continuously encouraged me to open up for him, something I was unable to resist.


I softly moaned against his mouth the moment his tongue entered and playfully touched mine. His hand once again moved from my bare shoulder to my back and pinned me to the wall, messing up my long hair. Zane continued to kiss me and didn’t let go until Adrian shyly excused himself and went off with the woman, who had stepped out into the hall with a curious look on her face

“That should prevent you from catching any more guys in your trap,” Zane said, then briskly walked away, leaving me flooded with memories and weak in the knees as I went into the bathroom and stared at my reflection.