In Another Time

Book Cover: In Another Time
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Qué absurdo, that's what Leonardo thought when his grandmother told him about Celestina, the girl in the black and white photograph who vanished like magic right in front of her eyes. But he'll soon realize that absurd things like magic do happen in this world.

Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly imperfect temporary cover
Part of the Work in Progress series:

They were taught that they live in a perfect world until she meets him and gets slap by horrible truth.


Samantha was bathing with Ocean, her four year old, when Ocean pointed her breast. "Mom, why do you have boobs and not Ocean?

"Girls get it when they get older."

"Then I will get it too?"

"You will, sweetie, when the time comes." Samantha turn away and whispered, "I'll make sure you do."

"Will I get that too?" Ocean added pointing another part of her.

A bitter smile appeared on the Samantha's face. "No, Ocean, you won't."

"I want to get that too because I have not seen anyone like mine. And it hurts when you help hide it. I want to take my undies in the pool too, like everyone."


Samantha eyes widened. Her hands shook as she cupped Ocean's beautiful cheeks, and despite her effort to appear calm, her voice was a notch higher. "Listen, Ocean. Everything in this world is supposed to be perfect. Being imperfect is a flaw punishable by death. But mommy love you so much that she gave birth to you despite your imperfection. So, remember what I've always told you?"

Ocean nodded. "Never said that I'm different"

Her heart ached. "That's right, sweetie. And you must never reveal your secret to anyone else." Samantha kissed Ocean's forehead. She hated to give so much restrictions to Ocean but she has no choice. If she wanted her only child to survive in this world, Ocean must live a lie.