Someone to Care (Filipino Edition)

They share similar pasts, but that’s as far as they have in common.

Book Cover: Someone to Care (Filipino Edition)
Part of the Filipino/Taglish Standalone stories series:
  • Someone to Care (Filipino Edition)

After her parents die in an accident, Jennelle is passed around by her relatives. Hindi siya tumatagal ng isang taon sa piling ng mga kamag-anak bago siya itulak ng mga ito patungo sa iba.

At fifteen, nalibot na yata niya lahat ng isla sa Pilipinas. Not that she cares, because she has learned from the moment she loses her parents that not getting too involved with anyone will keep her from getting hurt. Subalit nagbago ang lahat ng iyon nang makilala niya si Valentine, ang adopted son ng distant relative niya kung saan siya sunod na titira. Like her, Valentine has been orphaned at a young age, but unlike her, Valentine loves to keep everyone close—except her. And as if sharing a home wasn’t enough of a torture, they would also be attending the same school.

This story first appeared in #BuqoYA 5: Perfect Moments bundle.


Hindi ko mapigilang hindi mapangiti nang masulyapan ko ang reflection ko sa glass wall ng film store na nadaan namin ni Tita Emilee. The one-inch-heeled sandals perfectly matched the simple baby blue dress that has a thin spaghetti strap, low enough neckline to show a bit of my cleavage, and asymmetric hem to show off my legs.

Tumigil sa masayang pagsasalita si Tita Emilee at tiningnan ako sa reflection ko. “With this, I’m sure that Val would be eating his words.” Sinundan ng malutong na tawang wika ni Tita Emilee, na nagpaalab ng husto sa puso ko.

Pagkarating namin sa restaurant, natagpuan namin na inip nang naghihintay sa labas si Valentine. Hindi niya ako napansin nang salubungin siya ng tanong ni Tita Emilee.

“What are you doing out here?”

“Ang tagal ninyong dumating kaya nahiya na akong umupo sa loob na walang ino-order. Pinag-uusapan na yata ako ng mga trabahador.”


Tumawa lang si Tita Emilee sa anak. “Nawili kasi kami sa pamimili ng damit ni Jennelle. She’s gorgeous on most of the dresses, it was hard to choose just a few.”

“Hah...” simula ni Valentine sa pagtawang hindi natuloy nang ibaling niya ang tingin sa akin. At tulad ng naisip ko, he did give me a second look!

Yes! nagdiriwang na saloob ko ngunit nang manatiling tulalang nakatingin sa akin si Valentine, biglang tinahip ng kaba ang dibdib ko. Stop staring! gusto ko sanang isigaw pero tila naka-zipper ang bibig kong di makaimik at nag-iinit ang mukhang nag-iwas ng paningin. Strange. I was nervous.


Jenci’s Trouble

“Humans are shallow. They’ll never keep eyes on you unless you look appealing.” that’s what Jenci’s sister told him when he was having problem figuring out how to get noticed by the cool college girl who seems to be surrounded by good-looking guys he can’t compete but wait… maybe… just maybe there’s a way.


Jenci was a perfectly healthy eighteen-year-old guy: he loved girls and hid some “not so disgusting” men’s magazines under his bed. He was freshly out of college but managed to quickly nab a decent job because of his good academic record. Like many others he also fantasized about seeing girls and women admiring him as he walked in the street; or of having pretty girls approach him to ask if the bus just passed, as an excuse to talk to him.

“Excuse me, has the bus heading for Ninth Street passed?”

Jenci peeked through his black-rimmed glasses to see the cute college girl standing beside him with her smartphone. He has seen her before, they took the same bus each afternoon but she always got off shortly before him.

“I don’t really know, but the next bus might come soon.”


Jenci sighed and hung his head. He could only wish that it was him who had said the answer for the girl, but sadly enough it was the guy standing on the other side of her.

He told himself that he wasn’t in a rush to get married or build a family—but all his friends already had girlfriends or were even engaged. He was the only one who hadn’t even gone out on a date.

Who would want to date me, I wouldn’t date myself if I was a girl. Jenci thought to himself as he half-listened to the two beside him. The guy seemed so confident when he talked and even introduced himself to the girl, who Jenci suspected had his fancy.

“I’m Nevena,” the girl said, shaking the guy’s hand before glancing at Jenci and casually smiling at him, enough to make him fret...


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