Lying is an art

art of lying

I hate how I’m easily distracted. Sometimes when I’m searching for material for my #WIP (work-in-progress) I end all over the nett far from where I started.

Today, I was searching Zhangye because Perfectly Imperfect, my latest WIP includes traveling to China. And I type in the city name, viewed some beautiful photo and land information… an hour into my search, however, and I was in Elite Daily website reading “These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Terrible At Lying Because They Have No Poker Face”

Lying is an art form. To be able to come up with the perfect lie and deliver it believably is no easy feat, especially when you’re lying to someone who knows your mannerisms well. For some of us, lying feels impossible.

– elite daily





3 – VIRGO:



THEY TEND TO JUST BLURT OUT THE TRUTH ( Hahaha 😂 very true! I am like that! )

You can read the full article here:

Smile, be happy even if it Monday… have a great day!

Author: Jessica E. Larsen

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27 thoughts on “Lying is an art

  1. Same with me, Jess! I tend to be sidetracked always. I’m a Virgo. Yes, I overthink. 😅 My husband is a Sagittarius.

    1. Note for Sagittarius. We’re also a natural flirt. Yep. We flirt unintentionally haha :D. My husband is a Gemini and I swear he’s the only one for me, but he often say that I have a flirtatious smile and attitude. In fact the first time we meet he followed me because he thought I flirted with him. I so did not! This is our ongoing argument haha 😀
      He’s never jealous with my style though because he’s more of a flirt than me. 😂

      1. OMG! It’s really the personality of a Sagittarius! My husband and I used to argue too because of his flirting. He knows better when I’m around. 😁 Thank you for sharing, Jess! ❤️

    1. Yes, in a way I do. 😀 But I don’t believe those than gives daily prediction. Just basic personality, likes, dislikes etc.

  2. A wandering mind Jessica 🙂 I tend to use a notebook and pencil for ideas, often sitting in the garden. That way I can avoid the distractions of the internet. I am old-fashioned enough to still use printed material to pore over. Google is a cannibal that eats up time, but I see that if you want to write about a place you have not visited then it cam be of use. Stay focussed on your writing. I look forward to your next work 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks David <3 Yes, I agree that internet a great distraction but it's a gem when used in a right way. These distraction is a sign that I'm not inspired enough because when I am inspired anyone can hardly speak to me haha :D back when I still live close to a library I often use printed books as reference over searching the web. Same thing happens :D But you're right, it's all about self discipline.

  3. So Basically you have moved from searching for material to your WIP story to writing a post about the horoscopes that can’t lie??? 🤔🤔🤔 you’re a useless case😂😂😂
    Let me answer you first, Virgos hate lying and liars so much and yes if they want to lie they will overthink it until they decide not to probably better than looking so stupid lying I guess 😁
    I agree that Sagittarius are well known that they are so direct, they hurt with their honesty and can’t stand 2 faced people and hypocrisy at all! so they will throw the truth in your face 😂
    Aries is so straightforward, rude many times and they say any shit but if they want to lie they are very good, except they will say something and ruin everything because they can’t keep things inside! they are too bad at this!
    Cancers on the other hand can hide perfectly and I know many cancer that hate lies so much but if they want to lie, they are good because they can hide very well! So it always depends on the person and what decision they take regardless their horoscope I guess because believe me if I want to lie, no one will ever discover it! But I choose not to lie. Hope I answered your question? 😁

    1. Haha yeah that’s basically it 😂 but if I get this distracted only means that I’m not inspired enough.
      Yep. That answers my questions 😁 but oh my gosh! Are you sure you haven’t meet my sister and mother yet? You just described them to a T!

      1. Okay then so you’re distracted until you’re inspired again😁 Good luck with that!
        Well I believe in personalities when it comes to horoscopes and the main traits and these are basic, I’m describing also many people I know! My mother is Aries and she gives me hard time with her sharp tongue and her inability to keep things inside :/ I know many cancers and they can hide very very well unless they got emotional probably

        1. Haha 😀 I guess I’m an expert in making my family real up that they get so emotional they ended up spouting truths or started showing signs of lying.

  4. It is true, Lying is an art but why ? A sweet lie is better than bitter truth. I’m leo 😂 i clicked that link to find a bunch of lie 😂 Not working. 🤔.

    1. 😂 Not working. And the title is just to catch your attention hahaha 😀 A sweet lie is fine, but I still prefer the bitter truth than a sweet lie. Although if we’re talking about my incoming wrinkles not being visible that’s another story 😂

  5. Jajajaa that was fun to read! I think that people who really know us can easily tell when we are lying, that’s why I never tell too much!! Jajaajj just kidding! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hmm… I bet you’re having a fit of laughter because of me right? 😑 Confess! Haha 😀 Yeah, I found the article too cute to ignore. And no worries, you don’t have to tell because I’ll be prying it out of you 😂

      1. Well, I guess it was about time, right? But! I have to admit that you are a very interesting person dear Milky! Jajajaaj good luck with that by the way!😂

        1. Yep I guess it’s about time 😂 And thank you <3 I'll feel heartbroken the day you no longer mean I'm interesting. Have a nice day cariño.

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