Loving it without knowing

These songs are my favorite since my childhood. But it wasn’t until the end of May 2019 (yes, last week) that I found out that these songs are originally written and sang by Filipino singer.

Both songs seriously touch my heart in the deepest way.

If you’re outside Philippines and had never heard it. I really recommend you to listen. Who knows, it might turn into your favorite too.

Happy watching/listening!

True Love ❤️

The second one is umm… I just love it hehe 😁

14 thoughts on “Loving it without knowing

    1. A lot more songs touch me deeper than these, but yeah, this are two them of them. 😊

  1. First one is so similar to many old love songs, the rythme and the ambiance but it’s very good 🤔 trying to figure out which one exactly
    The second is average but not bad either 😊❤️

    1. Well, they’re not my top favorites but they belong to my favorites (so far these two is the only one I like from the guy singer). Thanks for dropping again Hug. ❤️

      1. They do I guess 😊 it’s my pleasure Jess ❤️ By the way I’m almost on page 50 from your book but these 2 days are holiday so I’m a bit away from my regular schedule

  2. I like ‘Beautiful Girl’ which seems to me more sensual. Yes, it is fun when you discover something about the lyricist that links the song to you in some way. Have a wonderful day 🙂

    1. Hm… I never really looked at Beautiful girl that way, but it makes sense. Thanks for the input David!

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