Love Hurts

If you don’t want to love because it might hurt, or always wonder how to love without getting hurt, then the most honest answer is that there’s no way to know it.

Love is a gamble. You may win or lose, but unlike gambling, love is always worth a try. Because who knows, the next one might be the one.


Happy Valentines!

12 thoughts on “Love Hurts

  1. 😍It’s Love, and love is indeed a pain but a pleasure and a beautiful feeling, “The tender love is over, my fragile heart is broken”😍 Love this line… And yes, loved your micro fiction too. It’s always that goose bump love feel when I imagine your story. 😀 Have a beautiful day 😉

      1. Ha ha ha 😂 Glad i could make you feel that way 😜😜 all the side-effects are my sign of victory ☺️😄 Wanted to write another story today and spent the whole day reading 😂

  2. I completely agree! Love is a beautiful feeling! Difficult and painful sometimes but still beautiful! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day dear Jess! Wish you lots of love and happiness always! 💕💕💕

  3. Earlier today, a friend of mine from South Africa who’s an artist drew his own Valentine’s Day meme on Facebook where he shows a guy impaling himself against a cactus by hugging it and he had as the caption, LOVE HURTS. 😂

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