Love Don’t Cost a Thing

Love Don’t Cost a Thing by Jennifer Lopez is one of my most favorite. Not only for the lyrics but also because the music video rock! I love how she tossed everything to demonstrate the lyrics but after reading this comment:

They cut my part out of the video! I was the one behind her collecting all the stuff she was throwing away!

Heather Rina

Now, I can’t help but start laughing whenever I see the video, even outside Youtube. Even when I try my best not to, my mind automatically imagine Ms. Heather Rina running behind JLO getting all that luxurious stuff. 😂

Author: Jessica E. Larsen

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22 thoughts on “Love Don’t Cost a Thing

  1. 😂😂 I guess it’s funny imagining someone collecting all these valuable things! the song is nice, it was a hit years ago but for me I don’t believe many women are like that! She will keep the money and search for love 🙂 Sorry but this is what actually happen, I didn’t see a woman fall for a broke man, and if she does, she will want more after some time, so I believe J Lo wasn’t so credible 🙂 but nice and funny share though 😀

    1. Yeah, realistically speaking, only few women will chose a broke man. But as the lyrics go, it seems she can get what she needed without the man. I do sympathize because it’s good to have all the luxurious stuff but if the person you want isn’t there, then what’s the point.
      But again I agree. If I was her in the song, I’ll keep everything as payment for all the heartaches haha 😀

        1. Personally, if they’re capable of choosing money and even cheat, then it’s not true love.

          1. Sorry the place your are seeking is not available 🙄 it’s not about a place, the challenge is to find a brave and loving heart and they are so few!

    1. It’s hard to think that the younger generation considers this song oldies now haha 😀 It doesn’t seem that long to me.

      1. They are dead wrong.. Oldskool sounds better. What do they then call songs of Abba? Ancients? 😛😋😅😂😂

        1. Haha I agree. But seriously there’s this Youtube series How Kids react (insert oldies name like Abba) and they seems to know nothing. Their reactions annoy me most of the time so I try to avoid watching the series.

    1. Yes, sometimes commenter can surprise you and give you sudden burst of laughing 🙂

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