Love changes things

This quote is thanks to a hopeless romantic poet who allowed me to create it in an image. Drew from

26 thoughts on “Love changes things

    1. For some, the opposite is better, but for those with a romantic heart, this is what’s true. Where we belong.

    1. We might not say exactly the same words Hug, but I’m pretty sure I know the rest hahaha 😂
      When I was suffering with my family and almost lived in the street of Sweden, people asked me why do you stay with your husband? I would have left him a long time ago if I was you. Love means nothing when you’re having so many difficulties. Right… what a nice thing to say to someone on the edge of committing suicide. 😑

      1. hahaha I’m sure you know 😀
        How encouraging of people! Well I believe that money is so important in life but when a person you love is facing hard time, you must stick around in bad times same as good times! And I can understand your frustration, I also tried to take my life once but it was for another reason…So I can relate and I’m glad you could overcome all this and hope it will not be repeated ever…

        1. Thanks Hug, I hope for it not to repeat too but even if it happens again, I know that I’ll die trying. After going through so many hardships and knowing some others who have it worse but prevail, I now believe that suicide is a cowardly act.

          1. Yes I guess it’s the same here! Now we’re stronger but when someone is in the dark it’s a bit hard to see the light, I don’t believe it’s cowardly….It’s just you don’t think there’s another solution…

          2. Haha 😀 You’re right Hug. It’s difficult to think that it will be over soon when you’re drowning. I’m not heartless to people who committed suicides, in fact, I cried for some of them but my words were taken from the person who slapped it to my face and woke me up. Sometimes that’s what I need when I’m down, brutal word slap. 😑 I’m feeling like an M right now.

          3. I know what you mean and I agree that sometimes we need a slap to wake up, oh well it’s a hard subject but this life is tough and we need to keep moving forward that’s it
            what is M?

          4. Because I was half-guessing how you’ll react to it. And I was kind of right. Hahaha 😂

    1. A quote… 🙄 kulit! 😂 just fight to try picking a “fight” hahaha 😄 Thank Weng.

    1. Thanks Dracul! After working with graphics for more than a decade, it would be a shame for me not to be able to design an image that matches the quotes.

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