Long awaited Bloopers

It’s hard to keep it together when you’re losing it.

Short time before christmas I posted a 2 min. video about changing a simple gift wrap into a more presentable one. Before that one a lot of silliness happened. Please be sure to watch the 3 min video below…

Smile. It’s Monday 😁

Author: Jessica E. Larsen

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23 thoughts on “Long awaited Bloopers

  1. Hey Jessica! That was great! That’s just like me, when I get started laughing, I just can’t stop! Hope you are having a wonderful day!😂😹⛄🌲

    1. I did! Believe it or not I went to bed at 7pm and woke up before sunrise. Refreshing! Yes, and the worse part is that everything just becomes so funny, no matter how boring it is. 😂

      1. I guess the beginning is always difficult but then you’ll get used to it 😉💕🤗
        And you are a funny lady and that helps 😉💕🌸

  2. Hahaha that was lot of smile 😂😂😂 you made that video a lot of fun😜 Must’ve seen the camera man’s face 🙄 🤪 i started laughing too looking at your video😂😂 Enjoyed it… Have a wonderful day✨💐🥂

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