I’ve been really down lately.

I came across a tragic story this year after watching an old music video that captured my heart. Last month I got interested to know more about them, but the more I read articles, watch the videos and interviews, the more I want to cry. I watch the complete more than one a half hour interview of his bandmate and now I’m depressed. World is unfair.

I’ll be posting about them tomorrow to get it off my chest and hopefully move on with my life. But for now, here’s a poem/microfiction dedicated to one of them. I wrote this some years ago, without knowing that it will be a perfect match for this now. (Sigh. I don’t even feel like putting a laughing smiley πŸ™ )

It hurts to breathe, it hurts to speak,

it just hurt to live because you’re no longer here.

25 thoughts on “Loneliness

  1. Awwwh, I truly don’t know who you are, but I have a good feeling, that I believe in you. So, get good soon πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

    1. Thanks, Chiru. I’m fine now πŸ™‚ Especially after writing a tribute for them.
      I don’t know how many people know of their story, but it just broke my heart, you know. But I’m moving on with my life now and going back to blogging happier things. That suits me better. haha πŸ˜€

      1. yes many people don’t know what others are facing through in their life and many don’t care..
        That’s right be here and keep blogging Jessica.. Happy day…

    1. Sorry Pepa, but I’m not sure what you mean with I already got πŸ™
      I’m in Spain right now.

  2. The pain is real! Sorry you’re feeling like this, hope it will get better very soon ❀️ looking forward to reading the story πŸ‘

    1. Thank you so much Huguetta. You really know what words to say. πŸ™‚ I’m hoping too that I’ll better. It’s a terrible feeling, especially knowing that there’s nothing I can do but watch and listened.

      1. You will, it’s just temporary so just embrace it until it’s gone 😊 my pleasure dear, hope I can help more ❀️

    1. Thank you Winnie. I find it actually kind of strange too for me to be this affected of a celebrity’s story, this is the first.

  3. The beauty of your sorrowful words is a great beginning for a healing process.
    Thanks for sharing this intimate post.

      1. Sleep tight! Sadness and loneliness are strange companions, but they could be wise too… May beautiful poetry rise from your sensitive thoughts… A smile for you! A real one!

        1. πŸ˜₯ Thank you so much. I wish I can hug you for saying such beautiful words πŸ™‚

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