Live like hell

Nanowrimo 2020

I search my name today. Admit it, I bet you did it too, at least once?

Nothing new comes up but I encountered a quote I’ve written for I don’t know when and where. They credited me too so it was kind of them. Someone posted it HERE using my photo. And the same quote is number 56 at 80 Moving on quotes and Moving forward quotes at Bliss Quote together with Paulo Coelho, Agatha Christie, and other well-known authors.

So happy! 😆

After thinking about it, I want to share it here too.

No matter how much darkness life brings, fight, because darkness can’t exist without lights. As long as we’re alive and trying, we’ll get through this hell.

Have a sweet day!

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32 thoughts on “Live like hell

  1. Yes I have searched my name, but it is a fairly common name and after looking through about 50 pages, I still did not find me. In away I was pleased. If I narrowed my search info, it was much easier which scares me.

    1. haha 😀 I guess I easily find myself because I write my middle name, without it I’m not sure what page in the search page I’ll popped.

  2. See? I’ve predicted that before and I’ve been calling you my favourite author 😍. Seey favourite autho Paulo Coelho was there too and you too 🤗😍Lovely quote, lovely author Jessica ✨💐

    1. I swear I already replied but I can’t see it 😅

      Thanks you. Paulo Coelho is also my favorite author that’s why I felt happy to be there. And I hope I live up to your expectation in the future haha 😀

      1. 🤔 wait, you did ? 🙄 I searched the spam only this morning to find I got nothing 🧐. and this comment is actually long 🤔 why is it short here? with so much spell error 😳. Paranormal activity 🤨. Anyway, see you are a favorite famous author too 😁. And thank you, you don’t have to live up to my expectation,live as you like, but live longer 😍🤗

        1. Oh my gosh how can you search your spam for a comment I made in my blog? 😂😂😂
          There’s internet ghost I’m sure 😁
          And really really appreciate your support 🥰

          1. Now it’s YOU trying to scare me right 😳😳 you can try, not me 😜😂😂 hey why I’m sweating 🤔 it’s pretty hot in here 😳🙄😜 🤗 You are welcome. I’m not scared though 😜😂😂

          2. 😀 😀 Glad, you didn’t noticed that. 😛 oops almost said that. Have a lovely Sunday Jessica 🙂

          3. Oh I noticed. But I chose to believe that you won’t be shaken by something so simple, since you write way scarier stuff 😅

          4. 🤔🙄 Thank you Jessica ☺️ I agree I write scarier stuff 😂😂 my brain is somewhere corrupted on that part to imagine worst of the worse 😜😅

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