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La Doña – review

Back when I was a teenager there was a Spanish series in the Philippines, Marimar. I was very addicted to the series, but sadly school got in the way and I never had the chance to see the end until I bought the DVD. Ever since then I been on the hunt to find other of Thalia’s series, but I found nothing. Lucky for me I lived in Spain so I can watch other series. Now that we’re taking a vacation in Norway, internet is my only way and I bumped into La Doña. A story of a gang rape victim which resulted in pregnancy. She abandoned her daughter, Monica, with a wealthy man whom she married (and robbed of his wealth) after letting him think that he’s the father of her child. Years later, the mother and daughter met and fell in love with the same man.

Saul, Altagracia y Monica

And god, how I hated the mother, Altagracia. The writers spend so much time making me hate her, but when all the secrets were out, I cried and cried. I cried a bucket and screamed deep inside for them to reconcile but, of course it wasn’t easy, but I just keep falling for the mother ever since.

On the other side, I actually felt bad for Rafael. He’s arrogant, selfish and I saw nothing positive about him, but a tiny part of him, the father part of him and how he put so much importance on his relatives that he was willing to throw away his pride to be forgiven. Personally, I think that he should pay for his crimes, but at the same time, I think he also deserved Monica’s forgiveness.

And I’m sorry to say but I hated Monica. Not at the first episodes, but around the last 25 episodes. She did make me cry when she called Altagracia “mom.” The one I dislike the most though is Saul. He’s a good guy but… I don’t know, I just don’t like him.

And last thing I want to say. I’m so damn in love with Daniel Lamas and Matamoros. Oh, how many times I wish for Altagracia to fell for Matamoros, but of course, it’s just a wish.


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