Sweet Sunday

“No one on earth will have the same exact feelings as you!
So just write what you feel and you’ll always be unique!” – Huguette

Visit the original post here: https://huguetteantoun.com/2019/02/26/feelings-are-fingerprints/

Thanks Hug for letting me have make this! <3

Author: Jessica E. Larsen

I'm a romance author and I blog music inspired stories, poems, micro-fictions, moments in life. I enjoy spending time outdoors, adore animals and travels a lot with my family. I like anything unusual and fun. CLICK HERE to read more about me or CLICK HERE to view my published books

13 thoughts on “Sweet Sunday

  1. Oh look at this picture and my name on it 😁 I should have provided you with my photo, who’s that??🤔🤔
    Thank you dear Jess for making a post from my humble words 😊❤️❤️

    1. I had no idea you wanted to be the model for quote. 😧 If I’ve known it then I wouldn’t have look elsewhere. 😁
      Humble maybe but it stands true for the writers.

      1. I didn’t want to but when I saw the picture, I was like « I’m more beautiful » 😂
        I’m just teasing you 😁 and I’m no writer

        1. Oh yes you are a writer!
          And way more beautiful 😊
          Anyone else reading this comment want to disagree that Huguette is a writer?
          I bet no one.

          1. 😁😁😁 most of your readers don’t like my honesty hahah so they won’t dare to disagree anyway hahah but I’m no writer and I’m not bad also, I was just joking 🙃

          2. I think the term “writer” is debatable. I believe you are a writer too. Period 😛
            But aw… And I was already imagining what image you may be sending. Sulk 😥

          3. Why sulk ? Because they don’t like me?
            And if it’s debatable than you can’t end your sentence with Period 😁🤭

          4. Haha 😀 you got me with the period. But I’m sulking because I was, you know, kind of looking forward to seeing you as the model for you quote 😊

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