Just call me Angel

Juice Newton’s Angel Of The Morning was the first music she heard the moment she turned on the radio. Her hand shook. Tears flow in her eyes. Panic assaulted her heart. The song was her favorite. It was the song that keep her going when he left. But now that he was back, she feared that she can no longer recites the same lines for him. She doesn’t want him to leave for the second time. Her heart can’t take it.

“Angel,” he called before embracing her from behind. She sucked in a breath, prepared to hear the same words and feel the kiss before he goes, but instead he put his lips close to hear ears. “I’m here to stay, my morning angel.” He then turned her around, wipe the tears with his thumb and lightly kiss her eyes. He knelt down and looked up to her wearing her robe and asked, “Will you marry me?”

The song below inspired this story.


13 thoughts on “Just call me Angel

  1. wonderful story and such a great song to go with it. I had forgotten all about this song, but listening to it again made me realize how much I like it.

  2. Beautiful Story 😍 Once again romance author is back with her short story ✨✍️ Worth reading.. and nice old song… 😁 I listened only half of it though 😜 no much time. Gud Night 🤗

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