Just a dream

I guess I’m more affected than I dare to admit. The last few months I’ve been seeing all these horrible videos of Asian people getting harassed in public, hashtags that says #Asianlivesmatter. When I first noticed the hashtags I scoffed thinking right another drama. 

Now that #blacklivesmatter cooled down they must heat something up, but the videos popping up in my mobile app started eating on me. 

One woman filming herself in Germany nearly punched in the face by a passing stranger. An Asian couple riding a bike in the US called 911 out of fear when a people trailed after them throwing rocks at them shouting “Coronavirus!” another was secret footage of a worker being harassed in the restaurant kitchen because she’s Asian, saying the virus comes from there and how dirty the country was. 

A black man (ironically) was backing away screaming at someone saying something about go back to China and stop bringing the virus to another country. Now don’t get me wrong, I like the majority of the black people I encountered, and have plenty of sweet stories to tell about them, it’s just the man in this video struck a chord inside me.

I even saw comments on Filipina Tiktok videos “Go back to your country” (she belong to the country as she’s adopted by white parents. Her only family,) and some others calling them coronavirus.
Yesterday, I got a message in a writing group of depressing news that 6 out of 8 women were killed in a shot-out.
I can mention more but you get the point.

I let this stupid issue brush over me like nothing, but today I woke up sweating and shaking in fear. I had a nightmare that I can’t even go to the supermarket without getting harassed and got my Eurasian son hurt.
I’m not going to scream #asianlivesmatter because ALL LIVES MATTER.

I know how frustrating is it to go through a lockdown, and hardship that still follows us today, but does an entire race has to pay for something we didn’t even wish for?

Lately, the only thing that cheers me up is visiting my Instagram and talk about books to other bookworms. I don’t know when I’ll really fully return to blogging.

Every follow and FB like is much appreciate just as sharing your thoughts below 🤍

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20 thoughts on “Just a dream

  1. Really,it is so sad thing that “Hate for Racism” is spreading in European and American countries.many black humans are becoming victim of this disgusting feelings.but stopping of this is not impossible as President Abraham Lincon had ended the slavery system.your precious suggestions are admirable,dear Jessica!!xxxx

  2. Thanks for opening up Jessica,let’s hope such dream never becomes true! and I sincerely pray the literacy rates should increase in such places.

  3. All lives matter. People fear of an invisible virus, the more I fear is the hate. I feel corona is better than this hate towards skin, color, race and gender. Some humans are disgrace to this earth. Again, we can’t blame an individual, Human is a thinking animal, when thinking doesn’t work, it turns to copying, it copies others if it feels what others do is right. They should be taught or it should happen to them to realise how others would feel. Uh.. I am complaining isn’t it 😵. This is why I don’t watch news, my heart couldn’t handle this dramas.

    1. Me too! I’m also staying away from them, but internet still find ways to shove it to my face 😃
      And I completely agree with you.

    1. Hope so as well. And there’s a chance it’s only blown out of proportion news, but as you said, some are just ignorant. I’ll just do my best to stay safe and cheer up for now 🙂

  4. I don’t post my picture, so you might not realize something about me. I also live in a rather “wild west” part of the US, where people can openly carry firearms and you’ll see those silly pickup trucks with flags in the back. That said, I think a lot of the media are looking for things to report and then doing a great deal of cherry-picking with the information. “Identity politics” comes around every election cycle, and “Fear this!” is an easy sell for new stories.

    I can’t speak for anyone else, and there are always people who are just idiots. But I feel perfectly safe in public and haven’t experienced a single, even mildly threatening incident having to do with my race. There’s more… but I’ll leave it at this. I just take all this reporting on a supposed trend in the US with a great deal of skepticism.

    1. So true. Everything to increase propagandas, and I did tell myself (my husband saying it to me too) that it’s probably some minor stuff that they want to expand. For now, I’ll simply play it safe and stay in safe areas. Thank you for such warm comforting comment 🙂

  5. I can only imagine how afraid you must feel, seeing that stuff happening on the news. I suspect and hope these are very isolated incidents. Nonetheless, I see how it can leave you feeling concerned for your safety, and your son’s.

    1. Thanks Tippy. Yes, I also tell myself that it happen rarely and people just hung on it for drama, but since I seem to be unconsciously drinking it up, I’ll only need to be careful.

  6. You are very right dear Jess: all lives matter! But seems that nowadays nothing matter…unless is a hashtag….that’s awful! People don’t know anymore how to behave! Just be careful dear Jess and try to avoid bad people as much as you can!

    1. Thanks for the sympathy Ribby, and for the laugh haha 😀 I am, I’m practically living in a bubble right now and staying out of suspicious areas 🙂

  7. Sadly there are disciples of hate all over the world, Jessica.

    People who hate other people that don’t look like them.

    In times of fear and panic, that is when that hatred boils to the surface in some people.

    These people spread Hell on Earth.

    Forgetting that it’s only through Love that Heaven comes to Earth.

    1. Wow, that’s a lot of quotable words Chris! Your inner author is shinning through. I agree with everything though. Thanks for a wonderful comment 🙂

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