I’m “pretty dumb” or damn?

Monday Music

When it comes to entertainment; movies, music, books or anything I love to do to relax, I don’t like holding back my opinions. There are things that you simply must honestly tell to be satisfied

Just days ago, I was personally insulted for criticizing music.

If you like Gwen Stefani, you most probably know that she was a part of the band “No Doubt”. Now, I don’t like most of, her or her previous group’s songs, but when it’s an exemption, it’s a favorite.

One these songs are their cover song “It’s My Life”. I love the track. The music video just made it better. And so when I saw a comment thread I couldn’t help myself.

The discussion is longer but I’ll quote only those directly involved. Starting with the main commenter:

Carmen Betty I love how videos used to be mini movies back then now it’s all about girls shaking their asses! Lol😂

lilly jones: Get your head out of your ass lmao there are so many MVs that are still creative, you just gotta look for them

Me: @lilly jones I don’t think Carmen Betty mean that every single MV is bad, but in general, it is as bad as she said. In the past almost every MV have some kind of connection to the song you don’t have to look for them.

Roset828: @Jessica E Larsen I think she did mean that. Music videos have gone through some crazy periods over the years. Some of the first music videos very literally followed the song, and in the 90s many videos had nothing to do with the music. Many music videos now are all about sexualizing the female singers, or giving the singer an image of being rich and powerful. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just another way artists express themselves and build an image. If you don’t like the popular music videos these days, you don’t have to watch them.

Me: @Roset828 I don’t watch them and I don’t even listen to them. When they occasionally come to my favorite radio I change the channel. Modern music (especially from 2006) all sounds the same. But like everything I hate, it’s impossible to completely avoid them and everyone has the right to criticize it.

It’s been silence ever since. I even forgot about being involved until one month later…

A O: @Jessica E Larsen You’re pretty dumb tbh.

I contemplated whether to ignore that or not, in the end. I typed a reply with a smile.

Me: @A O Based on your completely baseless and empty comment (insult) you must be very intelligent. I’ll be sharing your comment when I post this music video in my blog to help you spread your intelligence. And since I’m “pretty dumb” you won’t be hearing from me after this, because this “dumb” girl prefers to communicate with other “dumb” people who make sense.

If there’s more reply, there’s no use sharing it.

24 thoughts on “I’m “pretty dumb” or damn?

  1. Querida, it is kind of scaring how people involve on the music business is unable to tell a story now a days.
    I’ve work as a producer on music videos, I’ve even have an appearance on a couple of them, but even in the more “evolved “ ones, the story telling is next to nothin compared with old MV (yes I’ve realized I’ve sound like an old cranky grandpa)
    And as long as for the insult, I think you did well on defending yourself, but always remember that it’s never going to be a fair fight with you… you are clever and that kind of people is at best mono dimensional minded.., at best!!

  2. Very Good Reply! Hope there are no more comments 😂 People are so bold at social media with their words, But sadly they are not in real dont even raise their voice is a real truth😉. Calling Someone dumb reflects about the people who said it. You are too good at giving response. Loved it 👏✨ About the music video i agree with u. most of the recent MV’s are not meaningful and not connected to the song at all. ✨👍

    1. Thanks Samyak 🙂 As I told Huguette. I don’t usually want to engage with them but sometimes it’s just too good to leave them alone.

  3. I guess she’s a mean bitch 🙄🙄🙄 but loved your reply, you nailed it! The problem that any asswhole nowadays can hold a phone and have internet and say any bullshit 🙄🙄 And I agree with the music videos and everything that is consisting of making the women sex symbol only and this is sad
    I used to love don’t speak for no doubt
    I can’t remember this one

    1. 😀 Thanks Hug. I don’t usually want to engage with them but sometimes it’s just too good to leave them alone. As my husband said,music should be about music not the artist–I’m as good explaining and he’s to busy to bother at the moment–but he basically said something in the direction you wrote 🙂
      Don’t Speak is my husband’s fav. He’s the one who introduced me to the band, I only know about them after they disbanded. I saw the music video of It’s my life back in 2004 when MTV still had plenty of good music instead of “reality shows.”

      1. I don’t leave them alone, I will make them feel the same way I felt and then i leave!
        yes music is about the lyrics and melody and the video should be about a good story not sex!
        Don’t Speak is amazing song, it was really a good band and love her voice…
        well from my point of view, everything was better years ago not only the music, we’re not really doing good job tbh!

        1. We can shake hands on that one. Yes, everything, is way better before even if phone was only for texting. 😀

          1. yes or only to say “Hello” I would ban the internet if I had the power and force people to speak to each other’s!

  4. Please freely express your opnions. And yes, music videos used to be like little movies.
    Now they are all about women shaking their asses………..(Not that I am complaining).

    Have a beautiful week Jessica. Express yourself.

    1. Hahaha 😂 your comment totally caught me off guard. Yes, if I was into women, I might sometimes glance at the asses without bothering to complain 😄 Thanks for a good laugh Drew.

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