I’m an addict!

I'm addicted

Yes sir, I am! And if that’s a crime then arrest me because I won’t let go of this drug!

A substance called writing. 😁

This week went off to a great start for me when I finished the last book of a series I called “Meant to Be”.  I started and finished the first story six years ago, but I focused on finishing the series 2 years ago. All 7 books are still in draft stages. It was hard with my son buzzing around me all day long, but I’m addicted to the feeling of reaching the end.

So here I am, still shivering from the after shake of the chemical 💓

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Have a wonderful day you all.

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46 thoughts on “I’m an addict!

  1. Hey Jessica, congratulations, that is a fantastic accomplishment indeed!🥳🥳🥳🎆🎇🎉 Keep it up! 6 hours of sleep isn’t so bad, but 7 is better.😀😺🌞

    1. Thank you Steve ❤ it wasn’t easy for an impatient person like me, but I’m glad I’m stubborn. You’re right 7 is better and 8 is the best 😁

      1. People actually sleep 8 hours?😳
        Sometimes stubbornness is a good quality! Or better yet, tenacity. I’m very tenacious about my stubborn tenacity. Or is it the other way around?🤔😂

        1. Let’s just say it’s the other way around. If you agreed, I flipped it, so I can make your head spin 😂

          1. 😈
            Joke. I wish you get a good sleep every night. It’s bad for me and Muffin. She won’t get her food and the 20/20 stories won’t get updated hehe

          1. Normally 6 or 7 hours, but since getting Covid that has changed to 8 hours usually and sometimes a nap during the day as well. Terrible. But all my life it’s been 6 or 7 hours. Well, time for bed or I’ll miss my extra hour of free sleep tonight, don’t want that to happen! Good night Jessica!😁🌙😴

    1. Thank you so much Gauri ❤️
      I’m prone to writer’s block too, but I’m very stubborn and persistent. Even when it feels hopeless I still try to write something other than what I’m working on. A short, or poems usually helps. If not, I binge read any book I have on the bookshelf. Reading help motivates me to go back to writing.
      Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. 🤗

    1. So true! The excitement so bad it felt like I’ve consume so much caffeine haha 😀 yes, it’s quite hard to explain to non-writers haha 😂

    1. Thank you so much dear Ribby 💘
      You just completed my night… 🤨… my early morning 😅

        1. Same to you Ribby! No matter how annoying the days are I hope you find a reason to smile 🙂 🤡 🤗

  2. Excellent, Jessica! I’m happy for you and your happiness.

    Yes, please find time to sleep. I’ve been watching videos on the subject of [sleep, and how it affects everything in our lives] on Ted from a professional by the name of Matt Walker. I’ve always know sleep was important, but now I have a better understanding of why.

    1. Thank you ❤
      I heart about the importance of sleep too and read some pretty scary stuff about people who had not enough. Thanks for mentioning some their names I’ll search them later 🙂

  3. Wow, 😻😍 Great Job done ✨😍😍 Keep up… and do take care of yourself too while you achieve amazing things ☺️🤗you should be healthy to celebrate 😊 Keep up and finish the others in draft too 😍

    1. True. I really need to sleep more. 6h per day is too small 🙁
      And thank you for additional motivation 🙂

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