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Identity Theif by Rachel Rosenthal


Who would want to steal the identity of a minimum-wage employee at a children’s museum? In this harrowing real-life detective story, a woman searches for the truth, clue after startling clue.

Rachel hit the jackpot with her doting fiancé, Zach, who was starting a promising new political career at the Massachusetts State House. Then came money problems—Rachel’s was mysteriously disappearing, bank account by new bank account. She and Zach, her only lifeline, decided to play amateur sleuths. And they had to act fast. Because Rachel’s crippling paranoia was growing. She was losing more than money. She was starting to lose herself.

This one started almost annoying for me. But my god, when mysteries started happening I was convinced too that it couldn’t be him.

After the missing money checks in the drawer inside their apartment, however, I was like, “Ah…” because come on, who else can steal stuff without evidence of anything else missing?

So when it was revealed I was not surprised but still hope that it would be fine. Towards the end, however, I couldn’t agree more with the author. What they had was toxic not love.

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