I write like who?

Thanks to Jim Borden for introducing me to this app called “I Write Like”

I don’t like comparing myself to other writers, but curiosity wins me over. Even if it’s an A.I, I want to know what it thinks.

So I tried and here are my wild comparison. I gave 3 different fictions.

One is Te Quiero (a Drama) and I got compared to Stephen King (a horror/thriller author)

Second is Truth is a Lie (a sci-fi). This was compared to J.K Rowling (she’s my fav) so now I’m flattered.

Third is Just Call Me Angel. This is a sweet love story, and they compared it to Vladimir Nabokov! The lolita writer?

Now I’m pissed!

All the stories are short(150 to 400words). Click at the links below to read them.

Truth is a Lie: https://jessicaelarsen.com/truth-is-a-lie-part-1-2/

Just call me Angel: https://jessicaelarsen.com/just-call-me-angel/

Te Quiero: https://jessicaelarsen.com/te-quiero/

Hug and kisses…

21 thoughts on “I write like who?

    1. I’m doing fine Drew… been reading your post but the comments were disabled. But I understand as you already said why in the post. 😄
      I hope you’re doing great.
      The app is a fun app… might even get a bit addicting 😅

  1. Hahahah! Your bitmoji are really cute 🤗😍
    I think you write like Daniel Steel for your love and romance stories😄
    Funny that I’ve just said it in another comment 😅

    1. Yes you did! I got a deja vu feeling while reading it 😂
      Thanks Ribby… if not for you I won’t find a new addiction 😄
      I had the app installed in phone but I’ve been ignoring it before last week…

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