I was kicked out of the house!

I’m not joking. I woke Tuesday morning excited to blog and read a lot of blogposts, but everything stops because on a whim while playing with my son my impulsivity kicked in.

I locked the door leaving him inside. When he whined, I pressed the key backed in the hole but the door refused to open. I got the wrong key. It was possible to use it to lock but not to open. Shit.

Damn. Old fashion locks!

I comforted my son from the other side of the door, and punch the wall. Hard. I bleed from scrapping my skin. Stupid temper. 😡

And since I couldn’t use the key, I climbed the window and discovered my toe aching once I was inside. My toenail flipped and is also bleeding. And the door key? Missing. We spend the whole day looking but it’s lost. Great.

To make it complete. My migraine attacked.

So, yesterday morning one of us went out through the window and get a new key while I, after spending more than 24 hours making friends with a nonstop splitting headache, stayed at home with my 4-year-old.

Here he is using tools to ease my headache. 😁

I’m better now. The door is fixed too. And I’m back to reading at least a bit each day.


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15 thoughts on “I was kicked out of the house!

    1. Haha 😀 Thanks Chiru. My days sucks lately and this just cheered me up. True, it is already a precious memory now and will for sure even more in the future.

    1. Yes, even he’s so good at giving me headaches, he’s more clever than his dad to remove it 😄

        1. Haha 😄 then he might make my childhood dream of being a doctor come true. I can’t even if I want because the sight of blood is enough to make me feel lightheaded.

    1. Yep. When it rains it pours.
      Yeah, he behaved the whole time, I felt guilty for being unable to play when he invited me later 😔😑

        1. Thanks Ribby. 💞 I feel so lucky to have him and to have meet you even if just online 🥰

          1. So true. I’ve never seen Singapore before, so hopefully we will get to personally in the future. 🤗

    1. It was. But it wasn’t the worse thing that happened to us, so when my temper calms, I was able to look things with irony. Unbelievable that I made such stupid mistake. 😄

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