I lived!

Okay maybe I’m exaggerating, but Mushu’s first line in Mulan was the first thing that popped in my head when I thought of what title to give this post. I did not feel like dying, but these last week, right after arriving in Spain from a week-long roadtrip, felt like hell. I caught flu and my husband is unable to handle our two-year-old. The young boy refused to accept that I’m sick and kept screaming “mama” whenever he saw that his father was there to do things I usually help him with, like bath and brushing his teeth.

I’m better now, but sadly, my son comes next, which is heart-wrenching. Worse of all the neighbor has been arguing for hours and makes my head spin with their screaming. Thankfully, this new recipe I found and tweaked to my personal preference taste magical. Both father and son gobbled it up and ask for seconds.

So if I don’t post in a while after this one, I’m still alive. I’m just too exhausted with everything else to blog. Please help me pray for our complete recovery soon. Thank you ^.^

…… Note on the recipe: I read someone comment that ginger was too much. But I actually put double that the reciped required same with the garlic. But then again I followed the ‘metric version’. I also used chicken wings and cooked it the broth. Let it simmer 15min before all the other ingredients and let it be in the soup until its done.

5 thoughts on “I lived!

  1. Mom’s are not allowed to get sick, my family thinks this πŸ˜’. My kids as old as they are, think I’m Super Mom. Your baby though is still a baby, not easy. Still you had Spain πŸ’– and fabulous food to look forward to. 🌺🌸

    1. That seem to be really the case. This remind me of Dexter Laboratory episode where he said to Dede (his sister) “Moms don’t get sick! They take care of the sick!”

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