I have to go before I punch my laptop’s screen

Updating or renovating a website sucks! And there’s time when you feel to pull all your hair out of your scalp.

The gibberish codes, numbers and letters that are impossible to understand is super stressing.

Is it even for humans?

I’ve been at it for the last two days and I’m so close to snapping at my innocent laptop.

I need more relaxing time before I go insane, so I’ll be taking a short break from blogging for 4 days. I’ll brush this bugs off my website and smooth it all out.

See you in Monday! ❀️

13 thoughts on “I have to go before I punch my laptop’s screen

  1. And it’s for reasons like that, I’ve never updated or changed my blog format since I first joined WordPress back in 2007.

    In fact, I still use the same old Classic Editor.

    Which is why I’m sailing along while everyone else is having nervous breakdowns using all the “new improved” stuff out there.

    1. Wow, I salute you for being unable to resist changing Christopher. Unfortunately for me I seem to have an itchy fingers. There will be a day when I feel tired of looking at my blog’s design and I need to make adjustment if not I feel stress… sigh, I got to fix that before right after this before my blog…

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